Taking Stock

Wrapped in my blanket, nursing a cup of coffee, I look around and see the ugly carpet fading from emerald to teal, the white walls, and the hodge-podge of furniture the puppy has taken to tearing apart. We’ve been here a year now, and it seems like we haven’t made a lot of progress.

Where has the time gone? What have we done?

Well, we replaced the lower deck so big chunks of the house aren’t falling off.

Deck Collage

When we woke up to no water in early July, we ended up replacing the well pump and all the pipes. As a bonus, the old galvanized steel pipes have come in handy channeling the stream under the driveway rather than over it. We also replaced the bubbly siding outside the boiler room.

Nasty Siding

This summer we had workers here from the end of June through the beginning of September. They weren’t just here to play ball with Bogart–although he did love that. They fixed the deck, the siding, and added a heat pump, so the girls wouldn’t freeze again this winter. Since we’re totally used to workers here day after day, we decided to get this place painted. In a few short days in October, a crew turned our home from a beacon of white to off-white practically overnight.

Painted Home

While our focus may have been on keeping our home structurally sound and emphasizing the basics such as water and heat, we did find time to do a few things inside.

Some changes were forced upon us. When the old oven stopped working and I couldn’t handle the sound of the dishwasher anymore, we went shopping for new and replaced a little of the white with the sparkle of stainless steel. The old white sinks, also got the sparkle treatment. With a few trips to school, all the cacti found new homes thanks to the FFA plant sale. The overhead niches are now filled with garbage cans, lanterns, plates, and other random “decorative” items.

Kitchen Collage

The MR painted the inside square of the master suite a beautiful navy, we upgraded from a queen to a king-size mattress to fit the built-in bed, and added 15 blinds so I didn’t have to greet the UPS man in my towel or wake up at 4 am with the sun (that would be during the summer).

Master Upgrades

We also changed the extra bedroom from a sewing/junk room to a guest bedroom in time for our summer visitors.

Guest Room

The storage room off the garage received a miraculous transformation from a hot mess to a lovely sewing room complete with book art.

Sewing Room

But the room that received the most attention was probably the hangout room with its ever-changing chalkboard wall, magic carpet, slipcover, pillows, and artwork this room is really coming together.

The Hangout Room

Maybe I’ll wake up those silly girls and get some paint then we’d almost be done with this room. The bookshelves need a little attention, curtains would add some softness, and we do need a table of some sort up there. I guess we have a ways to go, but it’d be nice to feel like one room was totally together.

Looking back, 2012 was the year for the outside, maybe 2013 will be the year we can focus on the inside.

My goal for this month is to pick out paint colors. Some day I will wake up and no longer see a wall of chaotic faux finishing.

What’s your goal for January? For 2013?


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I guess I have two main goals this year, both personal. One is to have a better connection with God. It is not that I have left him, nor do I every think he has left me, but I am not where I think I should be. I have allowed life’s circumstances to affect me too much in this area. I will be teaching ladies class again soon, that always keeps you moving it seems. The best way to learn and refresh, is to teach, in my opinion.

    Second, I want to be a better wife. My husband is soooo good about trying to take care of me. He has not always been that way, and it has been a process adjusting to his attention. He did a bible study about 5 years ago that he wishes he had done when he was much younger. I can see the difference in him. Don’t get me wrong, he has always been a good person, and I love him dearly, he is just different now. It is time for me to let my guard down, and stop waiting for the old husband to return.

    May your New Year bring you lots of enjoyment as you take on the interior of your amazing home!

    • Quite worthy goals. Your guy is a lucky man.

      I love how after Jesus is lost as a boy and then found teaching in the temple, the passage finishes with.
      Luke 2:52
      And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.

      Worthy goals for each of us.

  2. To be just like you and take stock of what I do have, and not what I don’t have, or want. To trust that I will be shown my best path.

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