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Patience is a virtue,
achieve it if you can.
Never found in woman,
seldom found in man.

My dad used to quote that when I was a little kid, and it totally burned me up. It still makes me grumble a little.

In my 40 odd years, I have cultivated a little patience, but there are still times I struggle. The kitchen sink has been a source of testing for months. It’s not that far from the hot water tank, but for whatever reason the water just wouldn’t heat up.

I’d turn it on, I’d wait, and I’d wait, and I’d wait some more. Have you ever tried to wash dishes with cold water? It just doesn’t work.

Last summer when the heating guys were here, the hot water tank started leaking, and we had to replace it. We talked heating systems, hot water, carpet, and dogs–they were here for over two months. Anyways, one of them mentioned he was surprised we didn’t have a recirculating pump in such a large home.

Now, I’m not a plumber or mechanical, but I know someone who is. So I talked to the MR. Wow, wouldn’t that be nice? And when I ran the water waiting for it to get hot, and waiting, and waiting…I gave him the play-by-play. The water’s still cold. It’s still not hot. I can’t believe the water’s not even warm yet.

Whether it’s because he loves me or he just got tired of my yammering, the MR came to my rescue over the holidays. It just so happened there was a recirculating pump in the kitchen sink upstairs. I guess that would make sense if we had renters living up there, but since it’s our kids and the most they make is nachos the hot water was totally wasted on them. He did a little switcheroo, and now we have hot water quick as can be at the kitchen sink.

Instead of being lazy and sticking a bowl in the dishwasher, it gets washed up nice and fast with our new found hot water. While it’s not a full-system pump that would provide instant hot water throughout the house, it makes me so happy in the kitchen and it was totally free. Maybe we’ll have to add one in my bathroom next.

If you haven’t noticed, the MR always has a project–sometimes many–going on. Over the break, he also removed the wiring from the coffee table. It had a built-in projection TV and screen lever that were still live.

Our 20-year-old projection TV system.

Our 20-year-old projection TV system and the furniture arrangement back in the day.

Now that they’ve been removed, we can maybe do a little rearranging. I think this house screams for symmetry. We’re a little off kilter at the moment.

Bogart doesn't like to be left out of the action. He can be quite the lovely model.

Bogart doesn’t like to be left out of the action. 

Of course, that would expose outlets and really bad carpet fading, so we’ve put that on hold for the moment. But at least now we have options and no one will get electrocuted.

What little changes have you made that have made a big difference?


3 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Yahoo! I too have ‘instant hot’ and love it, and you are right, I don’t have to run the dishwasher nearly as often. Also we use lots less water. We have it through out the house as well, and waiting for the water to get hot for showers, would waist lots more water especially since we live in the desert. Good for our boy, oh er, your MR.

    • I don’t want to mislead. We didn’t get the “Instant Hot” that delivers near boiling water on command. It’s simply some sort of recirculator that keeps warm water immediately accessible.

      If we wanted it for the whole house, the MR found it cost a few thousand. So for now we enjoy warm water in the kitchen and let the trap run everywhere else.

      Hope that’s clear as mud. It gets tricky writing about the MR does when I’m not exactly sure what it is. 🙂

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