Getting That Spa Feel

Last week, I told the MR I was going to try my hand at plumbing. Random spray was shooting me in the face during my morning showers–not quite the relaxing way I like to start the day.

Shower Head 2

I planned to clean out the shower head and use a little white vinegar to get rid of any deposits. That would surely fix everything.

Now, the MR is quite a bit taller than I am, so I figured he knew nothing about the shower situation. Come to find out, even with our 10-inch height disparity, the MR was having trouble with water spraying in his face, too. He told me not to bother; he’d get a new shower head.

Well, sometimes I’m a bit pig-headed and don’t listen. I had visions of solving the problem, but a silly mouse in the middle of the night kept me up, and threw me out of whack. I didn’t get around to doing anything, but the MR came to my rescue on Friday night with a lovely new shower head.

New Shower Head

For less than $50, our showers went from irritating and exasperating to a relaxing spa-like experience. For us, it was totally worth the price to get the day started off on a good note.

The shower in and of itself has been a bit of a problem. It doesn’t look bad per se, just a little dated, and very blue. The MR doesn’t like blue, and there’s a whole lot of it. We traded a bathroom that looked like this:

Old Bathroom

For this:


While I still look at all that granite with longing, our new bathroom is starting to grow on me. One of the first changes we made last winter was to take the navy from around the shower and add it to the walls behind the bed and vanity. (Check it out here.) The navy really does set off the white headboard and cabinetry.

Maybe some day we’ll do a true remodel and add a little warmth to the bath, but for now I’m liking this sleek look.

Vanity framed in Navy

I’m excited that an inexpensive upgrade can make my life so much better.

What simple changes have you made lately? 


3 thoughts on “Getting That Spa Feel

  1. I love my battery powered shaver that shaves the ball/pilling off sweaters, anything fleece, or fuzzy. I don’t know what I would do with out it, and I don’t want to find out. Also love my Ped-Egg. Its like a cheese grater for my heals. Thank you to all those who invent wonderful things.

    • When I was in college, we sold those sweater shavers the year they came out. They were on everyone’s Christmas list. Glad yours is still coming in handy. I saw a post on Pinterest about an Epsom salt soak and a tooth brush to get your feet sandal ready. It might be gentler than the ped-egg.

      Amazing how something simple can make your life so much better.

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