Getting Thrifty

I’m not a big thrift store shopper. I go, I look, I find something great, and then I talk myself out of it. Maybe there’s something better, maybe it has holes, maybe it smells, it’s never going to work–so I put it back.

Now Sweet Miss is a thrift store rock star. She finds all sorts of wonderful things–it may help that she’s a college student motivated by a tight budget. She inspires me, and Baby Girl (BG) has also got that thrift store bug. That’s why last weekend when I saw one of the blogs I read–Young House Love–was having an unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge I was in. It combines rap and thrifting–totally up BG’s alley. This would be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with my youngest and maybe score some deals.

If you have teenagers, you know you take any chance you get to spend fun time with your kids. Well, the challenge had three rules: take a picture of you with $20 at the thrift store, spend it any way you want, and snap a photo of something from the song. Somehow I managed to remember only the one that said spend $20.

BG went off to look at clothes, and I headed for the home decor section. They had some interesting Christmas stuff, but I wasn’t in the mood. I wanted something I could use now. So I went off in search of furniture and found these.

Interesting Decor

They were so cool–huge, textural, interesting shapes. I think I’m in love; these are going to look great on the mantel. That’s when I stopped to look at the price tag…hmm. The little ones were $20 a pop; I’d have to spend $100 to walk out of the store with these. Didn’t they notice the scratches? I had to keep looking.

I turned the corner and hit the jackpot. It was time to find BG and get a second opinion. She’d found three shirts and a dress. We stuck them in the cart along with my other finds and headed back.

First was a vibrant, purple footstool. It looks woven with an interesting sheen–almost like those funky seatbelt purses. While it certainly didn’t belong in the living room or even the hangout room. It would be great in her white and purple bedroom next to the butterfly chair. And the price was totally right at $5.

$5 Score

In the cart it went, and we moved on to the major find. For $30 we could get this table and chairs. I know, I know, I’ve totally messed up the challenge. This is breaking all the rules, but sometimes you just gotta go for it.

BG and Our Find

I’ve been looking for a table on Craigslist to go in the hangout room for months. The wood top is in good shape, and the base is even painted black so it marries well with the other furniture in the room. That meant no painting which after the bookcases was a bonus.

The MR wondered why in the world we needed a table up there. Well, I’m not going to force BG to eat alone upstairs, but when she has friends over, they can play games, put together puzzles, and even eat in her kitchen area.

The people at Value Village were so nice. I went to the check stand, told them I wanted a piece of furniture, they got the info off the tag, and had it taken out back where they would load it up for me. Fitting the table in the back of the minivan was a bit of challenge. Finally, the nice guy helping me suggested taking off two of the legs. That was the perfect solution. It was still a bit cozy inside, but we made it home no problem.

Car Ride

Now you may be having trouble visualizing where we would put a table in the hangout room. This picture does not scream: we need a table now.

From the Side

But to the side of all this is a full kitchen that is pretty much a blank slate. I don’t tend to take pictures of it.


The dogs have decided it’s where to sleep. Bogart’s nose may be a bit out of joint when I move his bean bag chair out of the way.

Kitchen Dogs

And tada…BG and I carried the table upstairs, and with an allen wrench I put the legs back on. It fits the space well leaving plenty of room to open the fridge and the dishwasher.


I may have blown the challenge, but I’m quite pleased with our new table. We have some old chairs in storage that would look cute painted black with some funky seat cushions to go with the colorful and fun vibe of the room.

So for $30, we went from a random bean bag chair in the middle of the upstairs kitchen to a table and chairs just like normal people might have. Color me happy.

How about you? Love thrift stores? Hate thrift store? What’s the best bargain you’ve ever got?

On a personal note it’s the MR’s birthday. Wishing my sweet, handsome man a wonderful day!

If you’d like to check out other Macklemore Challengers who may have actually followed the rules, head over to Young House Love.


5 thoughts on “Getting Thrifty

  1. Last summer you and I went to Value Village to find some picture frames and I bought a sweater for $2 and have received tons of compliments when ever I wear it! This summer could we please go to Reuse I think is the name in Ballard? Please, oh please, this will be the 3rd year we HAVEN’T if we don’t go.

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