Crystal Clear

Do you have little doggie nose prints all along the windows, asked my mother-in-law when we first moved in. She laughed and said that would be so cute.

My stomach dropped; I was horrified. We’d had a terrible time keeping the one window Bogart had access to clean at the old house. Granted it was the sliding door to the backyard and his only way in and out, but how were we going to keep a room full of windows clean when we couldn’t keep one measly sliding door looking nice? I went to check and was pleasantly surprised. We have “awning” windows all along the bottom of the picture windows in the great room, and the split where the two windows meet just happens to be at Bogart’s nose level. There are still plenty of smudges, but the band of white around the room hides them well. If it wasn’t for that break, I’m sure the smudges would be much more distracting.

Fast-forward a year, add a puppy who likes to sleep in the sills, and our windows are in need of help. I have the microfiber cloth from the fair; it did such a good job there… And the MR goes out with the window cleaner and a rag. We always end up with smears and smudges. So for the last year, I’ve been eyeing Fish Foam. Young House Love does a shout out to its sponsors each month, and I was intrigued by this industrial window cleaner. With the amount of windows we have, splurging on cleaner makes sense.

Fish Foams’ web site is full of testimonials, and here’s what they, themselves have to say about their product:

Fish Foam eliminates drips and rundowns. Surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in years will shine. Hard to remove fingerprints will disappear. You won’t want to use any other glass cleaner once you’ve tried Fish Foam.
No fish were harmed in the discovery and production of Fish Foam. However, dirty windows received pressure and were stripped of their grime.

I love me a little tongue-in-cheek and figured it was worth a try. Now, in the past, I’ve used some amazing cleaners that left my shower sparkling and me coughing and gagging, but this is ammonia-free which makes me totally happy.

And looky what came in the mail the other day.

Fish Foam

Yesterday, I had big plans to attack the windows with gusto when a little discovery in the pantry threw me out of whack–but that story’s for next week.

Here’s the before of my smudgy back door.

Smudges and Cocoa

This was Bogart’s favorite in and out spot until we got Cocoa. Puppies need a little supervision when they go outside, otherwise all they do is play. And two staircases down to a very dark meadow are not my idea of a good time at 4 am. So we’ve been using the front door a lot.

It’s called fish foam, so I’m not quite sure why I was surprised about the foamy consistency, but I was.


And drum roll please, here’s how it turned out.

Clean Windows

Look how clear the pine trees are in the background–color me happy. This is a good thing.

The testimonials mention a woman who went through the house fish foaming everything. So I decided to try it out on our door handles. These too took a shine. We have these giant stainless steel door pulls on all the inside doors downstairs, so it’ll be nice to spiffy them up.

Handle Collage

I have a few tips if you decide to use this stuff. First of all, my microfiber cloth from the fair was a bust. It’s meant to be used with water alone, and it left a ton of smudges and smears on the glass doors, so I switched to paper towels. Second, if you use paper towels, make sure you carry a bag to dispose of them otherwise you might end up with this.


No Cocoa, these do not taste as good as the paper towels Baby Girl heats her breakfast burrito up on and leaves in the car for you to get. And yes my car looks like this every day.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of windows to wash. At least the floors are heated as I scoot along. Do you think it’d work on my shower too?

What are your window cleaning tips and tricks? Have you tried any new products that knocked your socks off?


4 thoughts on “Crystal Clear

  1. Aunt Carol and I were just talking about this wonder foam, as she has a little dog too. Yippee for the tip. I really do like a small amount of JOY liquid detergent in a gallon of hot water and then just wipe off without rinsing, but his foam would be so much fun. Need to know where to get it. Thanks

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