Getting Thrifty–Part Two

A couple weeks ago, Baby Girl (BG) and I headed off to the thrift store with $20 in our pockets…

It was the unofficial Macklemore Challenge for Young House Love (a blog I follow), and when we saw this table and chairs for just $30, we said forget the challenge and just went shopping.


Along with the table, we brought home this purple footstool for just $5.

$5 Score

It looks so cute with BG’s butterfly chair in the corner or her room.

Footstool & Chair

Don’t you just want to curl up and read a book here? I love this fun and funky look for a teenage girl’s space.

Here’s the rest of the treasures we just had to get.

Our Booty

BG has been enjoying the tops, and the sundress will come in handy in Hawaii this spring. The sunny yellow candle cost only a dollar, and BG has already found a place for it. It adds a punch of color along with a fresh lemony scent.

The yarn is Lion’s homespun that retails for around $7.50 a skein, and I bought the two for just a buck. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but a knitter can never have too much yarn.

And that leaves us with the giant vase. I was totally drawn to it. The purpley undertones match the feel of the glass vase the Mr’s folks gave us last June. It’s a very interesting piece that we’ve showcased in the niche over the refrigerator.


I really like it and thought the roundness of the Value Village vase would add volume and marry well with the other piece. This vase looks really big.

It Looks Big

And $20 seemed like a bargain in the midst of our shopping frenzy. They did have a few much smaller vases for $5, but bigger is better in this house. Then I washed it up and was so surprised.

Not a Bargain

I could have saved some money by buying it at a discount store. Oh well, I still really liked it, I’d already bought it, it was going to look great. So one afternoon, I dragged out the ladder and had BG pull down the plates and rack and set it up there in the niche next to the fancy vase. Hmm… it was totally wrong. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture, but the new vase is only 18-inches tall and the fancy one is 42-inches tall. The new one barely peeped over the top of the niche; it looked ridiculous.

Another thrift store issue is their one-week return policy. Since a ladder and help were involved, it had taken me too long to figure out it wasn’t going to fit into my plan. Now what?

Well, I did have a spot on the bookcases next to our room that needed something. Maybe it would work with the blue-themed painting (by my grandpa) and print (from my mom and dad).

Vase in Place

I don’t know if I’m totally sold on it. Maybe if it held something tall and spiky it would have a little more pizzazz, but it’s found it place for now.

All in all, our thrift store adventure was a huge success with just one minor glitch.

What are your thrift store hits and misses?


5 thoughts on “Getting Thrifty–Part Two

  1. Still wearing the darling pink sweater that I bought with you at Value Village in Redmond last summer. Still getting compliments on it too! Happy Valentine Day!!!!!

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