I Know He Loves Me

The MR was off on a business trip/European adventure for the last couple weeks. Meanwhile, I was holding down the fort at home.

That means that while he was floating in thermally-heated lakes in Iceland, I was driving the kid to school, cleaning up after the puppy, and keeping things running around here.

photo (108)

He claims it’s exhausting making presentations, going out to fancy dinners, and sightseeing. I think the word he was searching for was exciting, and I’d have switched with him in a heartbeat, but my guy missed home.

I know he loves me, because of all things he does for me each and every day.

My MR takes out the trash. That may not seem like a big deal, but the trash has to go to the cemetery a couple miles from our house. I could get the trash can in the back of the truck, but it took the combined efforts of me and Baby Girl to load up the recycle bin. Thank you for taking out the trash each week.

Before he left, the MR made sure I knew how to turn on the generator. He walked me through it, and I wrote down all the lever pulls and button pushes in the right order. We were only here a few weeks last winter before we lost power for four days. All those big beautiful trees cause trouble in stormy weather when their branches take down power lines. Thank you for making certain we were safe and warm.

He also made sure I knew where the chainsaw was and suggested fellows to call if our driveway was blocked. We didn’t have to deal with that, but thank you for giving us a way to get out of this crazy place and not asking me to use a chainsaw.

I was surprised when I drove over to a neighbor’s house to see leaves on their driveway. My guy was out every weekend this fall with the leaf blower clearing the debris. Our driveway is almost half a mile long and all up hill. And now in the middle of winter, it’s not covered in slimy, rotting leaves. Thank you dear.

Baby Girl was riding home with a friend, when her buddy asked what was up with the potholes. BG said my dad’s been in Europe for the last two weeks. Her friend responded with an understanding “Oh.” Even she knows, that the MR takes care of us. Thank you for filling in the potholes.

In the last 13 months, the MR has crawled under the house, sprayed foam in cracks and crevices, set traps and disposed off mice, so I wouldn’t have to. This is a huge one; thank you dear.

When we have to be at volleyball tournaments at 7:30 in the morning an hour or so from home, the MR always drives, so I can drink my coffee and doze. Thank you for driving to all those far-flung places.

On the weekends, when I want to sleep in, my sweet, handsome man takes out the dogs at 5 am, do I don’t have to. Thank you dear.

Thank you for loving our sweet girls and cheering them on in whatever they do. Thank you for building a life with me for the last 21 years during the fun times, the hard times, and the mean and crabby ones.

Happy Valentines Day, MR.

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love.


3 thoughts on “I Know He Loves Me

  1. Oh Kimberly, this post was just wonderful! Thank you so much for writing it, it made me cry. That is my ‘baby boy’ (BB) you were thanking and it made me so proud that he is such a kind and thoughtful person. It would be nice if he were able to ‘voice his feelings’ but this is even better, he actually shows you every day how much he loves you. You are loved, for not better reason than he wished he were home while in Europe and he comes home every night because he wants to. You and I are very loved by our Boys. Happy Valentine Day Kimberly! I love you. MK

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