Cooktop Conundrums

Me and my cooktop, we have this love-hate relationship.

This is the first time ever, I’ve had the joys of cooking with gas. I remember that first pot of water for spaghetti. I was shocked at how quickly it came to a boil. I may have chortled words like “screaming hot” to my family’s confusion. I was in love.

And then there was the first pot of baked potato soup. It’s rich, creamy, full of bacon and chunks of potato, and scorched. Oops, maybe I wasn’t paying attention, maybe the back burner will be better, maybe the middle burner has a true simmer. Nope, all the burners are screaming hot. This marked the beginning of relationship tension.

The burners run hot, and when I turn them to low, they snap at me. The pop up fan is more about noise than ventilation, and have I mentioned the color? This cooktop is white with light gray burners and more nooks and crannies than the Grand Canyon.

After just one use, the burners look messy; and after a week of use, they look disgusting. I can’t believe I actually show the world these things.

Dirty Burner

Our last stove had a smooth glass cooktop. It was white, so it showed everything, but it was still so much simpler to keep clean. All I needed was a little cooktop cleanser and a razor blade. These burners are trying my patience.

At first I read that a little ammonia will loosen the dirt. You just put the burner in a bag, add a touch of ammonia, seal it, and wait overnight. It does work really well, but am I willing to expose myself to toxic fumes in the pursuit of clean?

I was quite happy when I stumbled upon a non-toxic oven cleaner on Pinterest. This woman has a bird, and apparently the fumes from the automatic oven cleaner are toxic to birds. Who knew? So she came up with this blue goo you paint all over your oven to get rid of the grime.

I figured if it worked on her oven, it would probably work on my stove, and it wouldn’t be as bad for me as the ammonia.

Now, I’ve learned to take everything I read with a grain of salt. I talked Baby Girl into spraying her hair with sugar water in an attempt to straighten it. She has such pretty hair, and I hate to see her damaging it by using the straightener so much. This way she could have the style she wanted without the heat. The next morning, her hair felt disgusting (kind of like extensions) and wasn’t straight. I guess that idea was a fail.

But this idea was fairly simple, and I even had all the supplies on hand. Just mix together 1 1/2 cups baking soda and 1/4 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid. Add enough water to make a thick paste, and paint it on. I let it sit overnight, and gave the burners a good rinse in the morning. The burnt on crud doesn’t just fall off, but it is easily removed with a scrubber or in hard places an SOS pad.

You can learn all about Lisa at Lewisville Love and her method for oven cleaning here. She’s much better with the step-by-step details.

Now aren’t you just anxious to see my lovely clean burners?

Clean Burner

I love that shiny white. And here’s a view of the whole cooktop.

Clean Cooktop 2

I love it when it looks like this. Of course, then my family gets hungry, they want some food, I have to use the stove, and the whole process starts over again.

Someday, we’re going to get one of those new cooktops where all the black burners form one flat surface with a true simmer so I won’t scorch my creamy soup. Until then, I’m armed with my blue goo to keep those burners shiny and bright. They do look good. I’m getting my swagger on over a shiny cooktop–I am such a mom.

Clean Cooktop

Do you have a hated kitchen chore? Any tried and true tips for those hard to clean jobs?


3 thoughts on “Cooktop Conundrums

  1. Just a thought, do you think some of it is caused by the bottom of the pans? Probably not. It does look lovely all shiny and white. Thank you for 2 cleaning tips in one week! Hooray for your blog!!

    • It could be some residual dirt on the bottom of the pans, but I think a lot of it is airborne grease covering adjacent burners and spotting them during subsequent use.

      I guess it means we’re enjoying some good home cooking.

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