Picture Perfect

For the last year, we’ve been making do.

At first, we had a queen-sized mattress on our king-size built-in bed. It’s always good to measure.

A queen that thinks she's a king

Then we had our old comforter on our new bigger mattress. It was a little skimpy, but we were making do.

All Prettied Up

Bit by but, we’ve been finding our way. We’ve added a king-size coverlet, new pillow shams, and even a king-size blanket. It got pretty chilly with the MR off in Iceland. The last piece of the puzzle was the artwork over our bed. While the florals looked great with the golden walls and dusty blue bedding of our last bedroom, they looked off with the navy, gray, and white of our new room.

A Softer Look 1

I thought a black-and-white print would look stylish and sophisticated. But should I choose a floral for me our something more architectural for the MR?

I saw this blue and white print months ago.


It seemed like the perfect blue and white color scheme, but was it too matchy-matchy? Was the color slightly off? Would it show up well against the navy wall? I think it’s quite dangerous to rely too heavily on the color you see on a monitor.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Saturday to myself and stopped by World Market. I had seen a white garden stool in their ad. It had bas-relief clouds and cutouts; I was in love and had a 15-percent off coupon.

I wandered the shop in search of the stool, and it was nowhere to be found. But as luck would have it, I stumbled upon the sale art display and saw a large, horizontal landscape. It had blues, and whites, and greens, and yellows–maybe this was just what we needed.

I brought it home, hung it in place, and waited for the MR. Since he was in London at the time, it took a while to get his feedback, but I think it’s important for both of us to agree. This is our room, not just mine, so we both need to be happy with how it looks. I don’t want him to come to bed every night grouching about the ugly painting over our bed. This is supposed to be a relaxing, fun space not crazy uptight.

When he got home on Monday, he gave the painting a thumbs up; it’s a keeper.

Full View

Sorry that the lights add some crazy bounced light. We’ve been up at 5 am all weekend long for Baby Girl’s volleyball tournament, and I missed natural daylight. I’ll get a better photo for the monthly roundup.

I don’t know if it’s truly the perfect picture for our space, but I like how it’s abstract enough to draw me in. I’ve added a few green touches in the walk-through closet, so the green in the painting helps it all make sense. The lighter blue carpet and tiles in the shower are all working better in the space, too.


And as a bonus, I’ve marked one more thing off my to-do list. I’m no longer in search for art for the bedroom. Sometimes, my list looms long, and I just get tired of looking.

Have you added new artwork? Do you ever get tired of shopping?


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. We both truly love the new art over your bed. While we both really liked the floral prints, you didn’t, so we tried to go along with any choice you were making, or going to make. This one is perfection! Too strong a word? I think not.
    Your father-in-law has been re-doing many of his copper wall hangings this winter. We had a long discussion of why certain ones sold right off the bat, and others did not. Then he discovered that his ‘signature’ pieces were the ‘hot items’. They are abstracts with lots of color, and the customers like to be able to see what they want to see,…..i.e., what you said “it drew you in”. So he has purchased some new copper, and then grinding off the old pieces and making them all signature. We both are very excited about his having a ‘plan’ with his art this year. You have one of his ‘signatures’ over your fireplace. Good job Mrs.

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