Warming It Up

The other day, I asked the MR what our colors for the great room should be. He didn’t have a clue, and in all honesty, I’m not much better.

While I like vibrant color, the MR leans more toward neutrals. I like lots of pattern and he gravitates toward plain and clean lines. Have you heard the old adage that opposites attract? We’ve agreed that a neutral palette would probably work best with the view. That way the walls recede and mountains and valley become the focal point.

God paints a sunrise more beautiful than any color we could choose.


That being said, we’re still trying to figure out the whole color scheme, but that doesn’t mean we have to have a total plan before we buy anything. That’s the place I get caught up in. I want the whole plan before I start, so I can stay on track and not make mistakes, but that’s just not how life works.

So when Joss & Main had a screaming deal on area rugs, I decided to go for it. A beige-tone rug would add some warmth and softness to the dining room without forcing us in a particular color direction. If the MR truly hated it, I could always move it to the sewing room, or the guest room, or even sell it on Craig’s List. Mistakes can be remedied; I need to get over the quest for perfection.

For $104 and some change, I picked up a 6’7″ x 9’6″ rug. It arrived in less than a week and even came with free shipping.

On the Porch

The silly dogs heard the delivery man but totally missed what he brought.

Since it’s an indoor/outdoor rug, It’s meant for heavy use, and all that sunshine shouldn’t fade it too quickly. We have dogs, we have kids, and we eat in our dining room. I didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a rug and worry every time we sat down for a meal. Life’s too short to freak out about spills.

So now, we no longer simply have dogs and beach towels decorating the floor of our dining room.

Dining Room Floor

We’ve added pattern, texture, and a little warmth to the space with our new rug. It even matches my green eyes without being too wildly patterned for the MR.

New Rug

The cans lasted a few hours until they’d tripped people and dogs tried to carry them off. It’s starting too lay in place nicely, but it’s too dark this morning to retake the photos.

Eventually, the rug will lay flat and we’ll remove the cans. Since the sun was going down, here are a few more views with better color.

Rug and Table

It’s nice to have different hues in this sea of white. The floors are heated, so we don’t really need a rug for warmth, but it breaks up this huge expanse of tile and gives the dining room a more finished look.

Dining and Kitchen

You may be noticing a pattern. If you go to Europe for two weeks, your wife may get bored and go shopping–a lot. Don’t worry, my purchases still cost less than the fancy shoes your co-workers picked up in Paris.

Of course, the dining room is far from done. We still need a larger table. It’s funny how the table that filled the space at our last house looks so tiny here. I’d also like to add some color to the back of the china cabinets. I think it would set off the decorative items and add interest.

Until then, I’m liking the new rug and hoping the puppy only wants to lay on it.

How have you added color and life to your dining room? 


4 thoughts on “Warming It Up

  1. Okay, now you have started on ‘the change’. You both liked what you picked out in the rug. I can visualize a warm beige paint in the great room which includes the kitchen and entry. Have the beige be of a yellow tint instead of a blue, or red tint, but still definitely beige, as that goes with everything. Then fill in the stairs to the fireplace, unless you don’t care if you have to re-paint the fireplace, or touch it up. Paint all the support beams too, as they will take on a different hue with the traveling of light during the day. When you get done with the filling in, take up the carpet, take out the built in coffee table and put down a grey/brown speckled Burbur carpet like we have as it NEVER shows dirt, never looks weird like a plush carpet does when you walk on it after you have just vacuumed, because it already looks like dirt, or pebbles..It will make the furniture you have in there now look okay till you start buying your brand new furniture.And then………………you can go wild with your own ‘eye-popping-very-exciting-to-the-eye “color frenzy.” Yahoo!!!!! change is coming to the bigwhitehouseonthehill!!!!!

    • We’re definitely headed in that direction for paint color. Beige may be boring and safe, but it’s also soothing and versatile.

      We’ll see about the carpet. Haven’t even started looking at that. Berber does sound great.

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