Bling Baby

Lesson learned:  It pays to measure.

Now many of you know the story of how we got this place, but for those of you who don’t here’s the quick and dirty version. The Mr was looking at homes online and stumbled across it, the view was gorgeous, but the house looked crazy. We decided to check it out just in case. We were happy in our little neighborhood and didn’t really plan on moving. We scheduled a viewing, walked in, and WOW. The giant room, the amazing view bowled us over. We talked about it, we thought about it, we went camping and came home early to make an offer. That was mid-August. Before the end of the month, we had an inspection–this place was falling apart. We lowered our offer and waited, and waited, and waited. Fast forward to mid-December and it was all ours.

Sweet Miss chose the small room upstairs with the view. Since it didn’t have a lot of storage, and the master had two closets and a bunch of built-in drawers, I thought we were set.

We’d wandered through the house in August, my memory of exactly what we were getting was a bit fuzzy. The drawers ended up much shallower than I had expected, my jewelry boxes were too tall to fit on the counter between the drawers and open shelving.

Suddenly, the new home for my jewelry boxes was on the floor. The one my parents gave me went on one end of the closet.

My Jewelry Box

My mom’s jewelry box went on the other.

Mom's Jewels on the Floor

So for the last year, I’ve been crawling around on the floor rummaging for necklaces or just doing without. I bought an ugly short jewelry box at the thrift store this summer and planned on painting it.

Short and Squat

It smelled a little like cats, I had trouble finding pulls, and my paint job was lousy, so that project stalled. And my jewelry migrated to the counter in a jumbled mess.

A Mess

This is not how I like to live, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I was intrigued.

Drawer handle jewelry holder.

This looks totally doable. I clicked on the link and ended up at I found nothing in any way, shape, or form that resembled this jewelry display. Perhaps I could wing it? I do have some peg board leftover from the footstool remake. I bought some drawer pulls while they were on sale last month, and then the project stalled once more. Are you noticing a pattern?

I wanted the perfect fabric for the background. I could use a navy print or maybe gray silk. I was in a quandary. Should I frame it? Should I buy a frame? Should I try to cut a frame down to the proper size? Should I forget the peg board and drill holes myself? There are times I can’t make a decision to save my life. Finally, I got fed up and said Kim, just do it.

Maybe I need to listen to the people at Nike more.

I had some leftover fabric from curtains I made for our old master bedroom. These curtains were so sweet–fully-lined with goblet pleats across the top and hand embroidery. I really loved them. As I was saying, I had fabric leftover, fabric that held good memories. As favor would have it, this fabric is a close cousin color-wise to the sign Sweet Miss gave me that is already hanging in our closet. It was meant to be.

Morning Cheer

I love you too, Sweet Miss.

So after all that procrastination, I finally did it. And it was so, so easy. I don’t know why I worry so much.

First, I covered the peg board with a layer of batting and a layer of fabric. I still don’t know whether I’ll add a frame, so I made the batting the same size as the board in order to reduce bulk. I cut the fabric to size, flipped it over and staple-gunned everything in place.

Cover the Peg Board

I prefer my dad’s electric staple gun since it’s easier for people like me with little, wimpy hands to use, but all we have is a manual one. That means some of the staples didn’t go in cleanly, so I used a hammer to flatten them.

Then I flipped it over and started playing around with different layouts.

Lay Out 2

I liked this version with a variety of pulls off to the side but thought maybe the design needed a little more breathing room across the top. So I tried again with the large pulls spaced out across the top. Using peg board keeps each hole parallel, but it also puts constraints on exactly where those pulls can go.

I used some sharp embroidery snips to make a hole in the fabric.

Pointy Scissors

Then it was simply a matter of screwing the pulls onto the board. Since cabinets are much thicker than pegboard, I bought shorter screws at the hardware store. These screws were too short for some of the knobs, so I used the longer screws with washers to give them a tight fit. After a few minutes of twisting and turning, I ended up with this.

Final Design

I knew my errant staples might end up scratching the wall, so I glue-gunned ribbon along the back to cover the staples and add a little cushion.

Glue Gun Ribbon

For a hangar, I just wrapped some wire around the two screws with the washers.

Then I started hanging up necklaces, rings, bracelets, and all sorts of good stuff. I soon realized I have way too many rings. My mom loved rings and had quite a selection that I inherited. It was time to go back to the hardware store and pick up some more hooks and pulls. With  a little poking, twisting, turning, and hanging, I ended up with this.

All Finished

While I do have some nice pieces, most are simply sentimental costume jewelry. But I’m much more likely to wear my bits and baubles now that they’re out in the open rather than residing on the floor.

Bling & Plaque

I was surprised at how heavy this little board gets with drawer pulls and jewelry. I tried hanging it with a 3M hook, but it’s fallen off twice, so the MR is going to help me out with a molly bolt. Sorry the lighting is off. Closets aren’t always bright and cheery. Here’s a look in better light.

On Display

Let’s get up close and personal.

Close Up

It’s a little whimsical and jumbled, but it’s a step up from a pile of earrings on the counter and jewelry boxes on the floor.

Where do you store your jewels? Do you love the bling or just wear your wedding band or another treasured piece?

I’ve added this post to the Pinterest Challenge link-up party at Young House Love.. Hop on over to their site to check out all the fun.


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