So Sleek

After I wrote about the joys of cleaning light gray burners and cooking with a screaming hot flame, the MR came home and said it was time to replace that old thing. So we did a little shopping, some research, and spent some of that Christmas bonus on a new Thermador cooktop.

Of course then came the wait. And once I knew it was going to be replaced, I was less motivated to clean the old cooktop. Soon it was looking quite grungy.

Old and Unwanted

The night before our new cooktop arrived, I decided to pan-fry some steaks. Before we ate, a mechanical woman’s voice was yelling at us to evacuate because of smoke in the kitchen. That’s one way to add excitement to dinner.


Maybe I should have been tending the food rather than taking pictures.

I was shocked when we were shopping and the saleswoman demonstrated how the pop-up fan could suck up a piece of paper. Our old fan made conversation next to impossible but appeared to suck up nothing.

It was a happy day when this lovely work of art was delivered.

Star Burners

The new pop-up fan is quite tall compared to the old one. Unfortunately, fans and blowers cost almost as much as the cooktop, so be sure to budget that in if you’re in the market.

New Cooktop

At one appliance store, the salesman said that there was an extra fee for a propane versus natural gas cooktop. At the place we bought, they both cost the same. The installer simply switched out a part in the middle of each burner.

We were concerned about the actual installation and whether a cooktop and fan with slightly different dimensions would fit properly. The installer had to remove an 1/8 of an inch on one side and 1/4 inch on the other. These appliances are designed to cover many sins, since when you change them out you won’t necessarily change out miles of countertop, too.

Lovely Job

Now, we’ve had our sleek new cooktop for a week, and I haven’t tested it out nearly as much as I’d like. The split-pea soup with  rosemary and bacon turned out great with nary a scorch on Thursday. I had a little bit of a grease spill with the tacos on Sunday, but no alarms sounded and the black burners look great. The stainless steel area is going to require cleaning on a regular basis, but not with every single use like the old gray and white.

I’m going to have to put the true simmer burners to the test with my baked potato soup recipe. I hate it when that creamy, milky goodness ends up scorched.

All in all, we’re quite pleased with the new Thermador for it’s cooking, venting, and ease of cleaning.

Bought anything new for the kitchen lately? Do alarms go off when you cook? Do you have a go to soup recipe you’d like to share?


4 thoughts on “So Sleek

  1. Awesomely beauteous!!!!! So very excited for everyone in the household! Usually my soup consists of left over everything, never to be duplicated again, but delicious, and sometimess once is very much enough.

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