Moody Blues

We look out on the valley and the foothills in the distance. Those moody blues draw me in.

Mountains in the Distance

I lift my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalms 121:1-2.

We have a lot of projects in the works at the moment that are throwing our lives into disarray. I’m excited that I’ll get to share some actual progress with you in the next few days. Until then, I’ll give you a clue of things to come.

Things to Come Collage

What kind of projects are you working on?


2 thoughts on “Moody Blues

  1. I have so many projects I should be working on. . . The hubby is off for a couple of weeks, so he is tackling some of them. We are moving ahead with new counters in the bathrooms, yesterday we chose new sinks. The carpets are getting cleaned next week. The list seems to go on and on.

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