My Plastic-Wrapped Life

Just when I think we’re making progress, I find myself living in chaos.

Those photo hints I so coyly gave you on Wednesday, may have tipped you off to the fact that we’re finally painting inside. We’re getting rid of the sea of white walls in the great room and the funky sponge painting (can you say 90’s?) in all the bathrooms and the master bedroom.

Happy? Ecstatic? Over the moon? Yes, but I just didn’t think it all through.

When the nice, older man asked if he could unplug the computer, I realized the desk was already swathed in plastic.


Oops. You mean I’m going to have to write my blog on my phone?

My bedroom is blanketed in plastic, too. The painters thoughtfully left slits by my sink so I could get my toothbrush. Baby Girl wanted to know where me and the MR were going to sleep?


Our painters haven’t reached the guest bedroom just yet, so we’re saved from pulling out the blow-up mattress.

And what you might ask does one do when their home is in utter chaos?


Retreat to the hangout room with the dogs, of course. This room needs a lot of help. I cleaned the carpet, did the dishes, and brushed the sofa (dog hair is a major problem). Now what?

I decided to tackle the bathroom and rearranged BG’s linen closet. The girls had never had a linen closet before moving here. They had always just made do with storage under the sinks and a row of drawers. So they made some interesting choices when they were organizing their new bathroom.

I know we’ve always stored toilet paper under the sink, but do you think that’s the safest place? What about leaks? And girls with long beautiful hair shouldn’t store their sheets on the floor.


We had a discussion about the value of storing like things together. And I even found a hidden draw where her toothpaste and floss can always be close at hand.


She laughed saying she felt sorry for me relegated to the upper regions and forced to clean. Goodness baby, I can’t live like that.

I also can’t live downstairs at the moment. She should just thank her lucky stars. Her room is on the agenda for later today.

For all this frenzy of activity, we really have very little to show. But the crazy bedroom wall I’ve seen every morning for the last 14 months has finally disappeared.


While this is simply texture and primer, it makes me insanely happy not to see the navy/gray/light blue blobs all over the wall.

The painters have been working on the ceiling that’s why we’re covered in plastic. It’s really a rather subtle change going from bright white to Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White.


We’re hoping this slight color shift will warm up the space, bring the ceilings down a touch, and alleviate the glare on bright sunny days–yes, even in Seattle we get a few.

Me and the MR were both surprised to notice how starkly white the kitchen is when you remove all the knick-knacks and clutter.


Colorful accessories can breath life into a place. Baby Girl and I were also liking the lush feel you get when you cluster all the plants into one area.


I may have to group them closer together when all goes back to normal.

For now, I thinks it’s time to take the dogs for a walk, and then there’s a room in desperate need of a little organizing.

Have you ever had professionals paint your home? Any chaos or excessive amounts of plastic in your life?


4 thoughts on “My Plastic-Wrapped Life

  1. You are so lucky to have painters painting your home for you! I have never had that experience. The chaos will soon be gone and the beautiful paint and clean ‘hang out room’ will give you such pleasure to have your life once again back to calm. Calm even in not being BG’s personal driver any more. You are truly fortunate.

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