Heavenly Gray

Day two with the painters has ended; and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s still utter chaos around here.


But bits and pieces are returning to normal. The master suite is 95-percent done–just a little of this and that. While I wasn’t totally certain we’d made the right choice on ceiling color, I’m in love with the heavenly gray we picked for our room. It totally matches the tub.


It looks great with the shower, and it sets off the built-in cabinetry.

Shower Sink Gray Walls

I find a soothing gray works will with all the angles and planes shouting for attention in our room.

Bed and Walls

The best part is, I wake up to this blank slate of a wall.

Lovely Normal

OK, OK, the paint was still drying, the TV wasn’t hung back up, and the hope chest was around the corner, but we’ve traded crazy town faux-finishing for lovely, calming, normal gray.

Wall Painting

Rumor has it, the former owners had an artist come and paint this wall. Once upon a time, I’m sure it was the height of fashion, but it drove me batty.

And just take a peak at the gray bedspread and navy walls against the gray of the outer wall.

A Marriage of Navy and Gray

Me and the MR are happy with our new retreat. But around here, it’s always two steps forward, one step back. Friday was a lovely day, and I couldn’t force the dogs to stay inside. So they were out running wild, while I tidied up Baby Girl’s room.

At one point, the dogs were barking more than usual. Now this is some of the same group of guys who painted the house and played ball with Bogart last fall. I was worried that he was bothering them–no such luck. I came down the stairs to see the dogs on the deck and one of the workers out sweeping up what appeared to be glass. I had to be wrong.

Don’t ask me how, but a ladder had shattered one of the french doors. We’re thankful that no one was hurt and that the pane was one of the cloudy ones that we’d received a quote for $491 to replace last year.

Something's Missing

I guess we’re also thankful that we’d held off replacing it for a bit in favor of all the other major needs around here. As luck would have it, now someone else is footing the bill. For a couple of hours we had a crystal clear, if chilly, view, But Bogart liked jumping in and out over the broken glass, and it is late winter, so they replaced the glass with a bit of plastic.

Plastic Window

The “glass guy” came out on Saturday, and he just so happens to do remodeling. I was out yarn shopping, but he and the MR looked at some projects. They did some measuring, and talked about replacing the missing moldings upstairs and changing the flooring downstairs. Apparently it may take a week or so to replace our glass, but maybe we’ve found someone to fill in the conversation pit.

I’m not ready to say it was a blessing that a ladder went through our french door, but there are always positives in a situation.

Today, the painters will be back, and I’m hoping to see some color on the walls instead of just the ceiling. I’m crossing my fingers that we love Accessible Beige and Tony Taupe as much as the color we used in the master suite (Sherwin Williams Gray Screen in case your wondering).

One of the great things about adding color and putting our stamp on this house is the moldings. A little paint makes them look phenomenal.


We decided not to freshen them up with a new coat of paint, but simply adding color to the walls makes them stand out dramatically in contrast. The MR was talking new caulk, and I see soapy water in my future to really get them looking fab.

Done any painting lately? Any accidents thrown you for a loop? 


3 thoughts on “Heavenly Gray

  1. Love the gray, and you are right the molding is wonderfully perky. I found using a toothbrush and soapy and lots of old rags worked best when I did them last summer. But I imagine with your Shark steamer there is not a lot of moisture that gets in the little grooves any more. Good luck with the great room, love your choices of colors.

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