The Saga Continues

While we’re thankful, lucky, excited about finally getting some color on the walls, the chaos is getting to me.

The painters arrive between 8 and 9 am, and leave around 8 pm. And my house looks like this.

Painter Mess Collage

Cocoa found someone’s lunch from yesterday–I should have been paying more attention. Fish bones and avocado on the furniture are always a lovely treat.

I just keep looking at the work that’s done. They’re promising just two more days, and the camel and white combo makes me really happy.

Camel and White

I’m hoping to post lovely pictures on Friday sans ladders, tape, brown paper, and empty water bottles. But for now, the dogs are going crazy and need a little soothing. They don’t understand why they can’t frolic with the painters. We have enough drips on the carpet and smudges on the walls from those silly beasts already.

How do you keep yourself or two dogs out of the way for 12 hours every day?


4 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. Camp out at your Dad’s. Go to your brother’s. Go to a dog friendly motel. Stay upstairs in the ‘hang out room, and never go down stairs. Read a book for the whole day…..etc. Lots of options, and it is almost over. Good luck.

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