I Do Love a Surprise

Don’t you just love it when something unexpected and wonderful comes your way? It can be as little as a phone call from an old friend or simply a hug that warms your heart.

I have a special love for packages. Maybe it’s from my time away in school, when my mom would send me little gifts in the mail. Or it could be from when I lived at the beach and my family sent letters to keep me up-to-date on their lives.

Last week, I was surprised to find a package addressed to me from the MR’s parents. It was just Baby Girl’s birthday after all. Shouldn’t this be addressed to her?

I opened it and much to my delight, I found a little more copper to sprinkle around.

Copper Gift

Papa Larry is the artist who made the copper wall hanging that’s mounted on our fireplace. He used some of his talents to make a little framed version for us.

My family wouldn’t let me take it apart to see how thick the copper was and if the pennies were glued on. I’m a curios person–what can I say?

I think wonderful things that surprise and delight surround us every day, if we have eyes to see. Moving our furniture and plants back into place after the painters finished, I was excited to see a bounty of oranges on our little tree.

Oranges Galore


The stake for the orange tree is wider than the trunk, but it’s producing a bumper crop.

Sometimes, we just need to take time to notice the fabulous things that come our way. On windy afternoon’s, the eagles like to ride the updraft over our meadow. I can watch them circle and soar for hours, if I just take time to look up.

Hoping pink sunsets, cheery daffodils, and friendly hug are headed your way.

What surprised have you enjoyed lately?






2 thoughts on “I Do Love a Surprise

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