Ice, Ice Baby

Maybe it’s the 20 years with an automatic ice maker, or maybe it’s Baby Girl’s friend who’s always looking for ice cubes to put in her milk, but lately we’ve been hankering for ice.

When we were hanging out at appliance stores, looking at cooktops, we asked about freestanding ice makers. We have three bins next to the dishwasher for trash and recycle. Two bins would be a great plenty, and water is already available. Unfortunately, we’re a few inches shy of the space we need.

So the MR did a little research and found an ice maker that would fit under the second sink. I was a little worried that food scraps for the worms might taint the taste of the ice, but it was already on its way. The MR is a man of action. I was excited when it arrived a few weeks ago, and then I got a call. They said they had our paperwork and would have to schedule a pick up. Huh? They didn’t know what the problem was; I didn’t know what the problem was; all they knew was that they were coming to take it away. The MR said don’t let them take anything. Hmm…


This was the MR’s baby. I decided to let him deal with it. Apparently, the supplier had sent the wrong one. While it was a comparable ice maker, it wasn’t the right size. Come to find out the dimensions listed online were wrong, so the one we actually purchased was also too big.

Looks like we’re back to square one. We can always go old school with ice trays. I’ve made ice once or twice in my life, but it’s a drawer fridge. Pushing that heavy drawer in and out tends to spill water over the edge and get droplets everywhere. I like simple and neat.

Our attack fridge had issues again a couple weeks ago. Remember last year when it tipped over and tried to kill me? (Check it out here.)  Lately, the door hasn’t been closing easily. Occasionally, we’d find the door open–never a good sign. Then, I was making dinner and chatting with Sweet Miss and the MR when I opened the fridge to a loud crack and something shooting across the room. This fridge makes me a little nervous. The door is incredibly heavy, and I don’t want it falling on me or anyone else for that matter.

It appeared that a small plastic part had broken off the bottom of the door and shot across the room. The repairman came out last Thursday and got us all fixed up. I guess this is a common problem with Sub-Zeros.

You learn all sorts of interesting things chatting with repairmen. Last year, the fellow said he’d seen 30 and 40-year-old Sub-Zeros and that this one could last quite a bit longer. But this guy thought our fridge was approaching the point where they usually wear out. I laughed and said at least the next one would have an ice maker. That was when he told me ours already did. All we needed was an ice bucket to trigger the ice making mechanism. What?

But life is not that simple. While our refrigerator does have an automatic ice maker, it doesn’t have water. Our simplest plan of attack would be to have a plumber come out and run water from the sink to the fridge, and then order an ice bucket from Sub-Zero.

The repairman did have some good news. We don’t have any condensation under the fridge, so everything’s still working properly. And when we replace the refrigerator, some day, Sub-Zero has a kit so you can reuse the custom doors. They do match our cabinetry really well. Of course that means sticking with Sub-Zero and buying an $8,000 refrigerator.

Taupe Side Kitchen

For now, we can make a lot of ice for the cost of a new fridge or a visit from a plumber. Maybe I’ll pick up a few ice trays and start a little ice making upstairs.

How do you keep your drinks icy cold? What’s your favorite warm weather libation?


4 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. Ahhhh, the elusive automatic ice maker. Some 13 or so years ago we needed a new refrigerator. I insisted on an auto ice maker. Fast forward a year or so. We made the big move to a larger home and took our fridge with us. It didn’t fit! Uggg. We were able to take off a piece of door trim, and it fit, and has also driven me nuts since. But I’m off topic. DH hooked up water to the fridge and we had ice. Wonderful ice. For maybe 2 months!! He fixed it once more, and never again. I don’t know if it is our hard water or what, but it makes me sad to think about. I did finally break down and buy ice cube trays. And we use them. And they get re-filled —- sometimes. Sigh.

  2. Okay, here is my story regarding ice and our Sub Zero Fridge. We bought the house when it was 5 years old, 13 years ago. The ice maker was working just fine until 2 years ago, and the ice maker stopped. The Sub Zero man said it was time to get a new on because the whirl-er type screw that makes the ice go down the shoot to the door and into my glass,had been worn and bits of the screw were flaking off, not good to find in your glass. We bought a new one, and all was fine until recently when it stopped making ice. We were told that the hose way in the back of the ice maker must be frozen with ice and to take a hair dryer to thaw it. We held the hair dryer on it for 10 minutes once and 15 minutes once and………..still no ice. Sub Zero said they would replace it for us, which is nice, but that also entails us hiring an installer that we know is not cheap.In the mean time the little under the counter fridge in the bar has a teeny freezer and we too are making ice cubes. I guess the answer is always keep a spare fridge/freezer just in case.

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