March Madness at the Big White House–A Recap

While we haven’t watched any basketball, we’ve had plenty of madness around here this March.

We started off the month with the purchase of a lovely new Thermador cooktop. It is So Sleek and easy to clean. The true simmer is fabulous, and we are totally please with our choice. I’ve only managed to set off the smoke alarm once since we got it, so the new vent must also be doing its job.

New Cooktop

Painting, painting, and more painting filled our world. Check out My Plastic-Wrapped LifeHeavenly GrayThe Saga Continues, and The Big Reveal–Grinning Like a Fool to see all the pictures and paint choices. We are so pleased with the color, peace, and warmth a little paint (actually a lot of paint) added.

We chose a soothing gray in the master suite.

A Marriage of Navy and Gray

And we picked some warm taupes and beiges in the great room, kitchen, entry, and guest bedroom.

Paint Collage

Finally, we sculpted the fireplace with some judicious use of color.Fireplace

I’d love to say all the artwork is back on the walls, and I’ve made a beautiful spring display on the mantel, but that would be a big, fat lie. Sometimes we have birthdays, volleyball weekends, and kids home from college. Eventually it will all come together.

While I was trapped upstairs in Baby Girl’s domain babysitting the dogs and keeping them out of the painters way, I wound up cleaning, organizing and  Sprucing Up the Microfiber with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponge. It truly made a huge difference upstairs.

Dramatic Results Collage

Check out the before and afters of the little brown couch cushions upstairs.

After Cocoa went through the painter’s lunch trash and dragged avocado skins on the microfiber chairs downstairs, I decided to try it again. The little, brown chairs don’t seem too bad until you look close.

Dirty Chair Collage

I do believe they’re a lot cleaner once I demolished a few sponges scrubbing them with the rubbing alcohol–I needed to vacuum anyways.

Cleaned up

Here’s a close up of that corner’s before and after. This cleaning process certainly refreshes those worn edges.

Corner Collage

In Never Say Never I talked about making choices that are right for you and yours even some decisions you never thought you’d make. Check out Baby Girl’s new car.

BG & Her Car

I Do Love a Surprise–at least the good kind like packages in the mail and a ton of oranges on our tiny tree.

Suprises Collage

Spring snowstorms and closed mountain passes are a few surprises I could do without. We did make it to Spokane and back safe and sound for Baby Girl’s volleyball tournament, and look at those beautiful mountains.

Crossing the Pass

With the warm spring temperatures, I’ve spent a couple hours outside weeding our flower beds. We are Expanding Our Eden with a few more fruit trees. We haven’t done anything to deter the deer except to let the dogs run wild. A friend on Facebook mentioned a great, local source for fruit trees–Raintree Nursery. We bought kiwi plants from them a few years back. Their bare root trees were actually cheaper than those we bought at Flower World. I was encouraged to hear that she’s been enjoying her Shiro plum tree for fresh eating and jam. Maybe it pays to try something new. I’ll keep you posted on whether fences are going up or not.


Finally, I shared our quest for ice with a little reference to the 80’s–Ice, Ice Baby. This is definitely a first world problem: I have to make ice rather than have it automatically made for me. Sometimes my life is way too easy. At our last house, we had a bump in the floor of the hallway between the stairs and the kitchen that formed overnight in the hardwoods when the water supply to the ice maker broke. Perhaps I should make my own silly ice, and donate some money to the poor.

For those of you wondering, yes we did finally get the glass replaced in the French doors by the kitchen. The painters stuck a ladder through one of them, so we’ve been living with plastic blowing in the breeze for the last three weeks. You can hear the geese  flying overhead really well with just plastic on the doors. I’m glad we’re done dealing with bits of glass on the floor.French Door Collage

After patiently waiting upstairs while the glass was installed, our quality assurance team gave the work their seal of approval. That’s what all those nose prints mean, right?

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating Easter with family and friends. I think I’ll buy some eggs and make those almost grown-up girls dye them with me. I imagine they’re looking forward to an egg hunt come Sunday morning. It’ll be our first here in the big, white house. We were in Hawaii last year. I remember little children, searching for eggs on the hotel lawn.

Next week, Baby Girl is on spring break and Sweet Miss is back to college. It’s been nice having both my beautiful girls home for a bit.

Whether you celebrate Easter, or Passover, or nothing wishing you a blessed weekend surrounded by those you love.

How did March shape up for you? Was it crazy? Peaceful? A little of both?


One thought on “March Madness at the Big White House–A Recap

  1. Our March was busy, but not ‘madnessly’ busy. We finished the month(the 29th and 30th, with our first art show of the year. Super good, high 70s, and very fun.Looking forward to celebrating our 50th in Vegas at the Michael Jordan Invitational golf tournament. Something new and will be rubbing elbows with the ‘celebs’!

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