A Little Tile Update

I’ve already shared with you our mistake when choosing paint colors. We thought long and hard about our choices for the great room and simply carried them on into the powder room and the guest bedroom and bath.

I like continuity, so that’s not a problem in and of itself. What we failed to look at was the permanent features of those rooms. The warm taupey-beige makes the baby blue and minty tiles stand out even more.Bad Tile Collage

Now there are certain things that bother each of us, and that baby blue tile got on the MR’s last nerve. So while some of you suggested painting it, the MR had it torn out a few weeks ago before breakfast on a Saturday morning. That next week he stopped by Home Depot on the way home and chose a very nice neutral tile.

It’s a small area, so in theory it would be a fairly quick job. But everything in this house is at some weird angle, so the MR started off making a template out of cardboard. I thought that was very smart, maybe that’s why I married him.

The Pattern

This weekend, while I was out shopping for an Easter ham and all the dinner fixings, the MR pulled out his tile saw, and using painters tape as a guide, he cut the tile to fit the pattern.

Saturday morning, he had it in place.


And Sunday, while the ham was baking, he grouted our little wedge-shaped bit of tile.


It really looks smart without being too busy or in your face.

A Closer Look

With just three 12×12″ sheets of tile, the MR made a huge difference. Of course, we’re still dealing with the sink.

Baby Blue in the midst of taupe

I think we’re leaning towards a custom cabinet, but we haven’t figured it out yet. It was interesting to note, now that we’ve gotten rid of the faux finishing in our room and the powder rooms, it might be nice to add a little art work to the walls.

In case you’re worried we spent the whole weekend cooking and tiling, we did make room for good times with family and friends. Papa Willy even came out on Saturday night to see Sweet Miss before she headed back to school. We topped off that evening with a little egg decorating.

Egg Dying Trio

Baby Girl, Sweet Miss, and The Boy decorating eggs.

We got the girls up bright and early for an Easter egg hunt before church–the first we’ve held in the big white house.

Easter Egg Hunt

The girls were worried there might be healthy things like carrot chunks in the eggs. Where do they get these ideas?

After a ton of good food, we played cards on the deck–it was another beautiful day here.

Glam Sweet Miss & Cocoa

Then it was time to say goodbye to Sweet Miss, so she could go back to school. Just two more months and all that joy and energy will be back home again. Life is a lot quieter without her around.

Sweet Sisters

Hoping you had a great weekend.

Any quick fixes that had huge impact at your house? What tile jobs you’ve done lately?


4 thoughts on “A Little Tile Update

  1. Oh my goodness, our boy (your MR) is sssssoooooooooo smart to make a template!!!!! The tile looks wonderful. Will we get the same tile in ‘our room”? What a fun Easter you all had. We did too. Spring has sprung.

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