I Love a Novelty

When the seed catalogs start to arrive, I have to admit, sometimes I want to try my hand at growing something just because it’s unique or unusual.

The MR has other ideas about such things. When I asked him if we should plant Baby Doll watermelon and went on to describe this small, super-sweet, yellow-fleshed fruit, he just looked at me like I was crazy and said no. Since he’s in charge of the lawn, pruning, leaf blowing, rototilling and other manly pursuits, sometimes I go my own way when it comes to the vegetable garden.

I should have listened to my guy when I planted the red, yellow, and orange carrots. Those red ones had as much flavor as cardboard. They did look really fun in a salad though. One time my adventurous nature paid off was when I planted purple potatoes. Unlike purple beans (my favorite are violet-podded stringless pole beans), purple potatoes stay purple when you cook them.

Along with vibrant color, these babies have great flavor, too.

And who wouldn’t want to eat a fantasy meal of shepherd’s pie with purple potatoes or lovely purple mashed potatoes? You feel like you’re in a magical world.

I love Tastespotting.com, because you can type in unusual things like purple potatoes and find fabulous recipes featuring just what you want.

I’m excited, because I’ve been holding out on you guys. We’ve been in Maui for the last 9 days. So I’ve been writing posts to the sound of the waves crashing in.

The MR always errs on the side of caution and tells me not to mention vacations on the internet until they’re over. In all honesty, it does seem like a bad idea to shout to the world that we’re on vacation.

Anyways, before we left, I placed an order with Territorial Seed Company for two pounds of All Blue organic seed potatoes. While the description says blue, they look purple to me.

We have been hoping to get the garden beds dug up by the tennis courts, but the MR’s friend ended up sick and unable to come over with his backhoe.

It doesn’t really matter where the potatoes are concerned. I’m planning to plant them in the large red grow bags I purchased a few years back from Gardener’s Supply Company.

Let’s hope my potatoes are waiting for me when I get home. I love soaking up that Hawaiian sunshine, but I always come home to find my gardening plans all behind and my house in need of some TLC.

How is your garden growing? Did you plant anything new this year? Did you travel somewhere fun for spring break?


5 thoughts on “I Love a Novelty

  1. No gardents planted here. I really wanted to get started over spring break, but felt it was too soon. Good thing, since we have had freezing rain since last night. Icecycles everywhere. Winter storm warning until 7. Not a typical April day. We are adding beans and cucumbers this year-I think. And I want to get a cotton candy something or other plant for my Fairie Garden.

    No travel this year for spring break. It’s probably a good thing, too. I was sick with a sinus infection – not too fun. We have gone to the Grand Canyon and on a cruise other years. When it is a kids senior year we have a special vacation that year. Our last one will be next year. I’m not sure yet where we will go. I am thinking about flying somewhere tropical.

    • I like the idea of going somewhere special senior year. The MR’s work has been hosting an annual trip for quite a few years now, so while it’s great, we have no choice in where we go.

      You’ll have to send me a pic of your cotton candy plant.

  2. With our usual hot weather in NV, we usually are able to plant in March, so I planted 4: tall tomatoes and basil………………the the 60 mph cold winds came and they froze. Sadly, the wind in still blowing strong almost every other day, so I have not planted again. Maybe next year,

    • MK, I was wondering how your gardening experiment worked out. Maybe there’s a more protected area or room for basil in a windowsill? It’s always fun to give it a try.

      Lori, with all the late storms in the Midwest, I guess it’s a good thing you waited on your garden. Let’s hope for good weather headed your way.

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