Lock It Up

We’ve been playing with doors lately– locks to be more precise.

Sometimes you learn to live with oddities until action is thrust upon you. Both of the doors to the upstairs have locks on them. Not too unusual in that it could conceivably be a rental unit. Both of the locks are on the outside. While that makes sense in that you wouldn’t necessarily want the renter to have access to the main house, why would you keep them out of the garage? Are you trying to trap someone upstairs with no escape? Can you say Rapunzel?

While this didn’t make sense to us, it was no big deal. We never used the locks anyways. Then along came Cocoa who is living up to her nickname Little Fatty by pushing her way into the garage and munching on Bogart’s dog food whenever she feels like a snack.

Cocoa and Bogart

That may make you smile on a lazy day when she starts crying because she’s locked herself away in pursuit of an afternoon treat. It’s not funny in any way, shape or form at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Even after we put Bogart’s food away from poaching puppies, she still persisted in pushing her way out there and getting stuck in the garage. In the wee hours of the morning, I don’t want to be searching for a house key to lock the garage door. And keeping Cocoa downstairs and locking Baby Girl upstairs didn’t seem like the best option.

The MR came to the rescue with a little switcheroo. He changed the lock to the inside and the keyed version to the outside. Presto-changeo, peace is restored.

That’s not the end of our lock issues. Take a look at the front doors.

Front Doors

Etched glass, a nice dead-bolt, lovely aren’t they? All is good until you go outside.

Outer Front Doors

Do you see it? The doors sport two beautiful face plates with no key hole in sight. We can’t lock the front doors from the outside. Since I park in the garage, that doesn’t really affect me, but the MR parks in the breezeway and leaves early in the morning. It would be nice if he could lock up all his sleeping beauties safe and sound.

The MR tried to swap the lock from the laundry room, with the front door, but they were different sizes, and he would have had to drill holes in the door. It didn’t work out, so we just didn’t worry about it.

We didn’t worry that is until we caught a late flight home from Hawaii and started down our gravel road around 10:30 pm. We rounded the corner past the cemetery only to be stopped by police vehicles blocking the road and no one around. Two more police cars came up behind us and asked where we were going and for the MR’s identification. They moved the cars and let us head on home.

It was more than a little creepy to watch police officers searching the bushes down our deserted stretch of road. The MR made sure the front door was locked the next morning when he headed off to work, and I called the locksmith.

He arrived, and a few hours, a large check, and some saw dust later, we had us a fully-functioning front door.

New Lock Inside

From the inside, it looks almost the same, but check out the outside.

New Outside 2

Suddenly, we have a way of easily going in and out the front door. It’s not as sleek as it was before but much safer.

In the evenings, when I hear the driveway alarm go off, I usually go unlock the front door and let the dogs out to greet the MR. But that day, I decided to surprise him by leaving it locked. Unfortunately, all he noticed was that he was locked out.

When I questioned him whether he saw the door was locked and received a nonplused response, I realized he’d missed the point of my rudeness.  When I showed him, he was pleased to have it all taken care of. After all, it was his idea to call the locksmith. Who knew I’d get it together so quickly?

Now, we can have sweeter dreams knowing the madmen in the bushes are outside. If only we can remember to lock the garage door, so Cocoa doesn’t wake us up the next time her tummy starts rumbling.

Added any new locks or safety features to your home? How do you keep pets out of trouble?

(Along with dead bolts throughout the house, we do have a security system to keep the baddies out.)


4 thoughts on “Lock It Up

    • We never figured out what all the activity was about. We were just glad it wasn’t scary enough to make the news. The MR says the police aren’t very busy in our little corner of the world, so when something happens, they come out in full force.

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