Springtime Charm

Sunny, yellow daffodils have been blooming away in our flowerbeds and the sweet scent of hyacinths has perfumed the air. After the gray days of winter, these springtime flowers are good for the soul.

I have been merrily snipping away, filling a vase, and setting them out around the great room. Unfortunately, these blooms just don’t last long once they’re cut. After a few days, we are left with a sad, wilted shadow of their former glory.

For the past month, I have been eyeing the ranunculus at the grocery store. For $1.29, I could add a bright punch of color for next to nothing, and they have to last for longer than a few days.


Of course, we were headed out of town, and I didn’t want to transplant flowers right before we left. If it got really hot inside, I’d come home to a wilted mess. So I waited until we got back, and then I cut a few more daffodils and watched them die.

Finally, I was spurred into action by hosting a dinner party on Friday and having nothing to decorate the mantel.  A tin full of flowers would add color and life to a large empty space.

Fireplace Color

If the party wasn’t the next day, I would have looked for more plants with unopened buds, but I wanted as much flower power as possible. It is near the end of their blooming period, but for just over $14, I decorated the fireplace.

When the blooms have faded, I can deadhead the plants and set them outside in an out of the way place. I’m hoping next spring they’ll be out in full force adding bright vibrant color to the mantel from March through April.

Tin of Flowers

When May rolls around, the farmers markets reopen, and I can get my fill of beautiful cut flowers for heap cheep. The MR and I took the dogs for a walk and then inspected our little orchard when we arrived home.The foxgloves are starting to come back. I do love that field full of flowers (check out A Swath of Purple for all the details).

A Swath of Purple

This was last spring, but I’m hoping for a repeat performance.

If you live in the valley, Cedarcrest FFA is holding its annual plant sale this Thursday, Friday (3-6 pm) and Saturday (9 am-3 pm) and next week as well. Stop by for some great deals on hanging baskets, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Have you added any springtime charm to your home? What flower says spring to you?


3 thoughts on “Springtime Charm

  1. Yes, we planted tomatoes outside for the first time in the 13 years we have lived here in the desert! We have always been gone during harvest, and this year we will be home!!!!! Also, the cactus are in full bloom with huge blossoms that cover the entire plant. All year we look at ragged scraggly stickers and then in the spring they become dramatically vibrant with yellows, reds, pinks, oranges, whites! So glad I have the painting your baby girl made. “Everything has beauty, but not every one sees it”. Oh, one more thing, the cactus we brought from your great room that was waiting patiently for someone to love it, loves it in our home and is now 6 feet tall with lots more shoots. Thank you for the gift of this charming cactus. Happy spring everyone!

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