Every Little Bit Helps

We’ve had a string of sunny days here this week. The sunshine streams through the windows, I open the French doors, feel the cool breeze, and hear the call of the outdoors.

Our vegetable garden has yet to materialize, but the planting bed next to the driveway is in dire need of help. On Monday, I started in the corner digging up weeds around each of the bushes. It looked so clean and together.

Making Progress

After a few hours of pulling weeds accompanied by the dogs and listening to an audiobook, I was really starting to make some progress.

Looks pretty good

Then I went inside to work on dinner, laundry, and all the other things that go into running a house. The MR came home and mowed the lawn. All was well and good until I saw him pull out the poison; he was spraying the weeds. Suddenly, he’d taken away my afternoon’s pleasure of working in the yard and listening to books out in the sunshine. But he said not to worry, he hadn’t sprayed the weeds in the candytuft–the white-flowered ground cover. I could go through and clean those up.

Hmm, I was slightly appeased but still a little grumpy. So a few days later, I was back out on the driveway turning scraggly clumps of flowers into sweet little clusters. They still look a little crazy because they’ve been growing around the grass and other weeds, but with a little rain, a little sunshine, and a little time, they’ll be good as new.

CT Transformation Collage

Do you know we have over 30 candytuft plants lining the driveway? I had a long ways to go and was beginning to appreciate my husband’s way of thinking.

A Long Ways to Go

A few more afternoons with the help of Cocoa (digging holes and chewing and grass) and Bogart (playing ball), I made it to the end of the row.

Cocoa Helping

Of course, along the way, I noticed that the candytuft weren’t the only plants in need of help. Most just need a bit of gentle pruning to get rid of dead branches.

Vibrant Collage

While the change in appearance isn’t nearly as dramatic as with the low-growing candytuft, in real life it makes a big difference. Maybe this afternoon or next week, I’ll have time for another pass through to clean up these cute little bushes some of which are looking quite funky.


And on one of those cloudy days that come with spring time in the Northwest, I’ll don long sleeves and take on the barberry. While they add vibrant color and the deer don’t eat them, the barberry’s thorns have attacked me quite a few times this week. But when everything else is looking neat and tidy, I won’t want to look at this scraggly mess.


Some projects seem just too big to tackle, whether changing the world or taming a flower bed, but every little bit helps. And while this area is still quite full of weeds, just take a look back at last year.

Driveway Collage

The MR has pulled out all those dead bushes in the photo with Bogart from last May, and he has beaten back the blackberry brambles in the background. In another few weeks, the barberry will be just as red and vibrant as before and maybe a little healthier without all those weeds choking them.

I do believe we’re making progress.

What kind of jobs have you been tackling around the house?


3 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Helps

  1. I’ve been making jewelry and Papa has been making copper. You clean up is beautiful, and the pictures do not show how actually long that flower bed stretches. Good job!

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