Rocking the Garden

When one of my favorite blogs announced their Spring Pinterest Challenge, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside the last few weeks working on the garden boxes, weeding, dealing with worms, and moving dirt. I decided to do something fun, easy, and dare I say cute.

I had pinned Chickettes easy stone garden markers a while back. I liked the idea of adding a little color to the vegetable garden, while I’m waiting for all those seeds to take off. It also helps when I send one of the girls out to pick something, and they have no idea what I’m talking about. It’ll all be labelled–no excuses to keep watching shows rather than harvesting some veges.

I read through her easy directions and was happy to discover I had everything on hand. Last week when we were moving stones for the garden boxes, I’d loaded a bunch of large rocks into the wheelbarrow when we cleaned up for the night. The MR wondered what I was up to piling rocks in the garage. Just relax; the mystery is revealed.

I washed up the rocks, laid them out on a drop cloth, and sprayed them with some primer. Once they were all shiny white, it was time to decide on some colors.

All white

We have stacks of paint samples around the house, unfortunately most of them are gray or beige–not the most festive colors for the garden. We did have some paint left over from painting the girls’ rooms and other projects, so I got busy painting rocks. Then it was simply a matter of using a paint pen to label each and then cover them with a protective layer of clear coat.

Paint label and coat

Not only am I putting these in the garden, most of my rocks are headed for the orchard. At the old house, all of our fruit trees were scattered about the back yard. We added them bit by bit, and I knew exactly what was what. Here, they’re all in a straight line, and I can’t remember a thing.

The Orchard

Now with labels, I can go back to looking like I know what I’m doing. I even went so far as to color code them. Pears are one color, blueberries are another, and now we can pretend I’m organized.

Line of  Stone Markers

In real life, they add bright little spots of color all down the slope with fun names like Rescue, Beauty, Enterprise, Fantasia, and Flavorosa.

The MR wasn’t sure painted rocks were upscale enough for our fancy, new garden boxes. He figured we’d recognize the plants once they came up. He’s right, but I like my little rocks.


How do you label your garden? 

To check out all the fun Pinterest projects people are up to this spring, you can hop on over to Young House Love.


7 thoughts on “Rocking the Garden

  1. I have always been boring, and just stuck the little plastic labels from the garden center in the ground. But I saw this same Pin, and a couple of others, and hope to do something a little “fancier” this year. I am so behind. Afterall, we still had snow/freezes the last couple of weeks. So out of character for our area.

    • Earlier this week, we were the hottest place in the nation (at 87-degrees in May), so I know what you mean about crazy weather.

      Since the trees are permanent, I wanted something a little more lasting than little white sticks, but they do come in handy.

  2. Well………………the only thing we planted this year were tomatoes. Pretty easy, but I really liked your idea. Good job!

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