Man v. Wild–Make that Woman

Well it happened; I got the call I’ve been dreading.

On Monday after the thunder and lightning and strong winds, Baby Girl phoned to say the driveway was blocked. She’d moved one small tree, but this one was too much. With all those tall trees lining our drive, moving spindly saplings has become the  norm.

Driveway 1

But this was a first, at least for me. We lost a few trees in the stands below the tennis court this winter, and the MR had mentioned that the chainsaw is out of commission. (Let’s be honest, I am accident-prone and will never use a chainsaw.) So I hopped in the car and drove to the rescue only to be greeted with the sight of a big tree and a lot of leaves blocking the way.

Getting Started

I took a good look and figured maybe we could handle it. You see my housekeeper was just finishing up and would be leaving in a half hour. She’s a really nice lady, but I didn’t want to trap her at my house forever. So BG and I came back to the garage to gather our supplies: pole pruners, loppers, and a hand saw. I couldn’t find the axe, and BG told me she didn’t want me using an axe. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Back we drove with tools in hand. The tree had split at one time, so my game plan was to limb up the tree and saw off the top. Between the two of us, we should be able to move the short section blocking the driveway.

BG and Tools

We got busy with lots of moral support from Bogart and Cocoa and took turns sawing. This was definitely harder than cutting down a Christmas tree. The MR says he needs a new saw, and I’m on board with that.

BG Sawing

Before too long, we’d achieved our goal.

BG and Dog Collage

We threw the limbs into the woods, and carried the tree to the side.


We probably could have moved the tree without removing all the branches, but I didn’t want them scraping up vehicles as they drove by or whacking me in the face when we were moving it. I’d called the MR when we were searching for tools, and he arrived shortly after the job was completed.

I have to admit, it’s satisfying to accomplish some manual labor that the MR would usually take care of. Me and Baby Girl moved a ton of bricks a few weeks ago and took down a tree this week. We make a fine team. I am woman; hear me roar.

And now when storms blow in, my fears of being trapped have blown away–mostly.

Trees a Blowin

How have you challenged yourself lately?


4 thoughts on “Man v. Wild–Make that Woman

  1. Wow, you are impressive. And, you are setting a great example for your daughters. Women can do these things for themselves. I, on the other hand, haven’t done anything “physically challenging” lately. Maybe I should be thinking more about that Mt. Rainier climb…

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