It’s In the Details

A few months back, I made a jewelry organizer and was oh so pleased with it.

Bling & Plaque

Apparently I have more jewelry than I imagined, so some pins and necklaces didn’t have a home. No worries; I had some glass and silver boxes to put things in. It would all work out. And then I added a few more things and wound up with this girly box.

Box Before

We had a whole set of these once upon a time for the girls’ play room. But now that they are 16 and 18, it doesn’t go with their style and it certainly is way too cutesy for me. Thankfully the cure was quite simple.

I have plenty of scraps left from when I covered the back of the china hutch with handmade paper. Couldn’t I just cover this box and make it cool versus cute?

I grabbed my spray adhesive and went to town.

Spraying with Adhesive

It was just a matter of spraying all the sides, and then wrapping them with paper. I used white glue to smooth down the edges and called it good. I didn’t get really fussed about making it perfect–sometimes perfect is overrated. Now it feels like it belongs.

Box After 2

Little details can make a big difference. Here we are all up close and personal.

Close Up

This five minute fix makes me happy.

What little projects have you been doing around the house?


2 thoughts on “It’s In the Details

  1. And you should be happy, it turned out great. I DO love the ‘instant gratification’ of a quick project. Good job.!

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