Let’s Soar

One of my favorite things about this house is the panoramic view of the sky. It just draws you in whether it’s storms, stars, or fluffy white clouds. Many afternoons, giant eagles soar over the meadow. I’m certain they have a nest in the stand of trees just below our house.

One morning a few weeks back, I had friends over for coffee and treats and the eagles were putting on a show. I was so pleased to be able to share them with others when someone asked what they were. I said I thought they were eagles or hawks, but she totally burst my bubble when she said that they were too big, and they looked like buzzards to her.

They’re majestic eagles, soaring birds of prey, not buzzards. Really? It’s such an ugly word. Look at the buzzards circling the meadow has such a different connotation. It can’t be true.

A few days later, the MR assured me that at least one of the birds we were watching had a white head, not bald, white. Then I decided to do a little research. Apparently, turkey vultures can often be seen in the Snoqualmie Valley. It’s funny how a simple change of words can have such an effect. Of course bald eagles, hawks, and golden eagles also soar over the valley.

I’m just going to pretend that they’re eagles and enjoy them anyways.

Eagles 2 Collage

They’re still fun to watch, and I laugh when the dogs go wild trying to chase them across the meadow. I have grabbed the binoculars a few time now in an attempt to figure out what they are. I’ve decided that they’re really fast.

You’ll have to excuse me now. I believe I see vultures circling over the meadow.

Any wildlife making an appearance at your house? Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? 


5 thoughts on “Let’s Soar

  1. When we are in Branson I love to watch the “huge flying birds” swoop and glide over the forest and lake. Like you, I called them eagles and was told they were vultures. Until……………..one morning on our way to work at Silver Dollar City, one swooped down to catch a prey, and it swooped right into the left side of our van with it’s wing………….and kept right on flying with it’s prey in it’s talons. I am sure it was an eagle. I am sure I saw it’s white head. So, I too have renamed all huge flying birds eagles, and am feeling much better about it.

  2. Look like Eagles to me! You’ve probably seen the pics of the foxes in our neigborhood. We also have some nasty animals, such as opposum – so yucky.

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