May Recap

Looking back at the last month, it makes total sense that I’m starting a weekly gardening post. That’s all I seem to be talking about; eight of the 13 posts are about gardening, something for the garden, or the great outdoors.

So let’s take a look at what’s up in the garden this month. Basically it’s been a battle. We battled with the delivery company and giant concrete blocks in Child’s Play, but we finally got two planting beds put together next to the tennis courts all set up and waiting for some seeds.

Prepping for seeds

Then I set off to harvest some worm castings and scatter them around; let me tell you that was a chore, but I planted seeds, fertilized, and was feeling pretty good with our growing orchard in Worms, Deer, and Dogs, Oh My! Oh to be young and naive once more. Rocking the Garden involved busily painting rocks to mark planting beds and the orchard.

Paint label and coat

Then all I had to do was wait for those seeds to sprout and maybe take a critical eye to the rest of our yard. In Take Another Look moving a plant from one side of the driveway to the other brought everything into balance.

Our sunny weather disappeared and the winds of change brought doom. Baby Girl and I tackled the challenge of moving a fallen tree in the driveway in Man v. Wild. We were so proud of ourselves doing these manly things.

BG Sawing

That was the turning point, when I started to notice that critters were pulling up and eating my seedlings. We went from fencing around the back corner to fencing the whole thing.

Garden Fencing Collage

And the orchard we started with such high hopes. Remember these lovely apples?

Apples 2

Went from a few nibbled leaves and branches to broken leaders and nubs. The MR has ordered fencing, but my plea for advice on how to get rid of deer did result in a few interesting suggestions–lion poop and hanging dead birds from the branches were by far the most unusual.

To read more about our garden and see the amazing blooming palm tree check out Garden Update 5.20.13 and Garden Update 5.27.13.

While technically this has nothing to do with our garden, the eagles/buzzards/turkey vultures do draw you outside. I don’t know what they are, but I love to watch them Soar.

Eagles 2 Collage

With all the rain we’ve been getting the last half of the month, we did find time to leave the garden and get a few things done inside. I lined the back walls of the china hutch with handmade paper to help Set Off china, crystal, and other knick-knacks.

Open Shelves Collage

I was totally surprised when Sweet Miss’ beau noticed this little addition. She teases me because I like to show her all the things we’ve done while she’s been away.

Scraps from this project went to good use when I recovered a box that sits out in our closet.

Close Up

Details make a big difference. I also went from From Country to Chic when I painted the hope chest in our room.

PicMonkey Collage

A little paint and some new hardware gave it a new life.

And holy guacamole, you may be wondering why I would ever show you an ugly old dishrag. Well, it could be because I wanted to show of all the new ones I made from my yarn shop tour.

Potholders and dishrags 2

After I’d finished making these, I started on a third potholder and ran out of yarn. With a little ingenuity, I was able to make some t-shirt yarn of my own from the sheet leftover from the pillow shams I made last summer.

tshirt yarn

Then it was just a matter of finishing off where I’d started. This was my own potholder pattern; after all, I can design a square.

Pot holder

You can go to A Personal Touch for links to free dishcloth patterns and more about all this. I’m tempted to start a cottage industry making yarn from old t-shirts and dying it in fun colors. I’ll keep you posted.

Finally after building planters, moving dirt, redoing flower beds, leveling lawn, building fences, and digging a sprinkler line, the MR had time to upgrade the sound system. Like the projection TV and the stereo equipment the former owners left behind, the built-in speakers had seen better days.

With the volleyball video premier on the horizon, the MR installed new speakers in short order. While they look basically the same, they sound great–no more Snap, Crackle, Pop.

That was our month in the big, white house. It’s been raining for weeks, and the deer and rabbits are trying to take over, but there’s always hope in the midst of the storm.

Rainbow 2



Hoping June brings blessings to you and yours.


7 thoughts on “May Recap

  1. I truly love, love, love the pot holders…….I know, I said those very words before. However, I did not see the one made with your t-shirt yarn. It is marvelous, I’d like to frame it. Colors, abstract placement of the yellow, perfect!

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