Christmas All Year

When Sweet Miss came home over Memorial Day Weekend, I was tasked with buying food for her beta fish. I’m not sure why it was my job, but her last fish met an untimely death on the side of  the freeway trapped in its fake rock, so I decided to go ahead and try to save this one from starvation.

That meant a trip into town, since we don’t have a pet store out here. And if I’m headed into town, I may as well make the most of it with trips to Target, World Market, the pet store, and TJ Maxx. The radio has been talking about a new Goodwill store in Woodinville; I may as well check that out, too.

The Goodwill is in the old QFC building that was Stock Market Foods some 15 years ago. I remember shopping with the girls and watching birds fly through the rafters. I was happy to note that this new second hand store was neat, clean, and organized. I didn’t really have anything in mind, so I just took my time and wandered about until I found this guy.


You better believe I brought him home. A giant nutcracker may not be at the top of your holiday weekend shopping list–mine neither–but this fella is exactly what I was looking for. During the holidays, I had a horrible time finding decorations for the mantle that were the proper scale (check it out here). I do have a normal-sized nutcracker that I set out, but I thought it would be so cool to have a whole collection of nutcrackers marching down the stair-stepped walls and decorating the fireplace.

One Nutcracker

I found some really fun ones at Pier 1 Imports, but at $30 and $40 a pop, I decided to wait and settled for what I had.

This two-foot beauty was only $10, and he’s just the beginning of my giant nutcracker collection. I’m not sure whether he’ll grace the center or find his way off to the side, but I do know he’s looking for some friends to hang out with. For now he’s in the top of our closet, but come December you know where you’ll find him.

Nutcracker from the side

So the next time you run across an over-sized defender of Christmas, shoot me an email, and I’ll be there. Sometimes you find just the right thing when you’re not even looking for it, so make sure you keep your eyes open.

Done any Christmas shopping lately? What are you collecting?

By the by, I made it back from Kansas last night. While it’s wonderful to visit family and friends, it’s even better to come home. The MR, Baby Girl, and Cocoa met me at the airport. Apparently, I was missed by both man and beast.



5 thoughts on “Christmas All Year

  1. Wait a minute, did Bogart not want to come to the airport? He is okay isn’t he? Nope no Christmas shopping yet, but I have lots of ideas………now I have even one more idea. Thanks.

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound to a great welcoming committee.

    No Christmas shopping, but I have some crafts marked to maybe do this summer as gifts.

    I have several Christmas collections. I used to get every single piece out each year, too. Not so much any longer. I have old Santa Clause’s – and some new. I have quite a few snow men. I have a village. My most recent start up is nativity scenes. I have one that was made by women in an African country. And I inherited (back) a ceramic scene I did for my grandma when I was a little girl. I am now on the look out for more unique scenes. I am displaying them year round in a curio cabinet.

    My favorite, next two the nativity scenes are my Christmas ornaments. I have one from all of our vacations except the first two we took together (our honeymoon, and one a few years later). I love them and they bring back wonderful memories.

    • So nice to be surrounded by things that you love. My mom collected nativity scenes and displayed them in a curio cabinet all year long.

      How fun to have special ornaments that remind you of good times.

      I love getting Christmas projects done ahead of time so you can just enjoy the season. It’s my goal, but I never seem to achieve it.

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