Organization–It’s a Good Thing

Organization is a good thing.  It’s not always my forte, but I do try.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my annual yarn shop tour and showed you one of many projects I made (check it all out here). We hit 17 shops, and I try to pick up something at each one as a show of support. Sometimes it’s just a random ball of yarn or a set of needles I’ve been wanting, but often it’s the actual yarn they have featured to go with their free pattern.

Now, me and my buddy Kristi have made this yearly trek five times now, and we’ve started picking up some tips and tricks. Plastic page protectors, keep your patterns neat, and a 3-ring binder holds them all together. I have a large bag, I keep in the car for all my fabulous yarn. But when I get home, suddenly I look at those purchases and wonder what was this for? This is a truly dangerous thing, because yarn isn’t cheap.

So I came up with a plan to keep all those projects organized. I simply slip the yarn, the pattern, and oftentimes the crochet hook or knitting needles called for into a plastic bag. I love to reuse the zippered ones a set of sheets or a blanket come in. Suddenly, everything is all organized and together. This is my haul from this year’s tour.

All my new projects

I know it looks like a ton of stuff, but it’ll keep me busy making Christmas presents and all sorts of wonderful things for months.

Project Collage

The dogs are truly fascinated by everything I do. Sorting all that yarn and inspecting it totally wore them out. After I’ve bagged up my projects, I put them in a colorful box.

Ducks in a row

And now when I’m leaving for the airport at 3:45 am, I can just grab a bag or two and know my hands will be occupied on that long flight. I love to tuck a small bag in my purse for volleyball tournaments and other road trips.

The ladies next to me on the flight home were quite impressed with all the hexipuffs I made up. I told them I’d finished five or six, but when I got home, I noticed that total was nine.

finished projects

And I’m truly loving the new cowl I whipped up in the hotel room and driving back and forth to my brother’s house. I did lose a crochet hook late one night between the car and my room. So make sure your bag doesn’t have any holes, and stop when you hear that metallic clink, because it’s probably you dropping something.

I’ve found this system also works well for sewing projects. I can fit patterns, fabric, thread, and buttons or zippers all in a bag for when I have time to work on it.

I’ve been on a mission lately to empty some of those bags of stalled projects. I have a sweater that needs blocking and a baby sweater that I stopped working on when I ran low on yarn; color blocking is quite trendy right now. When I finish up these old projects, I’ll feel less guilty about buying stuff for new ones.

Now if this flurry of organization would just rub off on other parts of my life. Note to self: charge the camera battery a few days before you leave so you can pack it and bring it with you rather than leave said camera and fully-charged battery sitting at home on the counter.

Speaking of cameras naturally leads me to thinking of photos. Thankfully we have a lot of storage in this house, because our photos are out of control. Maybe I can get Baby Girl and Sweet Miss to help me put together some photo books this summer. We stopped getting hard copies back in 2005, but that still means the first 10 years of family life are fully documented in a profusion of prints.

Picture boxes

I guess you’d have to say I’m easing in to this organization thing.

How do you keep your projects organized? Any challenges you’re tackling this summer?


7 thoughts on “Organization–It’s a Good Thing

  1. Sewing up some shorts and bags, but my goal is to polish the silverware that was handed down to me by my Mom. I have not looked at it for the 13 years we have lived in the desert. I know it is tarnished, and I would like to start using it all the time. Oh, we now have 4 tomatoes growing big and strong. The temp. is 108 today, so they are probably cooking.

  2. No craft organization tips here, it starts of well, and then it is all gone. I have high hopes of cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, wiping them out and reloading – should reload minus a few things probably. Next – unsolicited thougths on something you said. YOU NEED TO PRINT YOUR PICS SINCE 2OO5! It doesn’t have to be individual prints, it can be a very simple digital book printed by a company such as Winkflash or a creative, fun book from Creative Memories. But you need to do it. I fear boxes of unmarked pictures, but fear lost photos in a digital world never to be seen by grand children, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren!

    • Wow, MK is polishing the silver and your wiping out the cabinets. Those both sound like good ideas for me. Don’t fret about my digital photos. I’ve been looking into getting them made into photo books. Such good advice and such fun to look through. I’ll have to check out Winkflash.

  3. Winkflash has sales on theirs all of the time. My aunt uses them a lot and they to be bound well. I have a few books posted in my FB albums that I have done. Flowers of Summer is one of my favorites.

    Glad you were aleady thinking about putting them in books. 😉

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