Garden Update 6.10.13

I have to start this garden update with a confession: Sometimes I mess up; OK, a lot of times I mess up.

Last week when I was out of town, the MR sent me a photo of the orchard. I clearly saw fence posts encompassing our little fruit trees and berry bushes. My mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that the MR had put up the fence he’d been talking about. No. I was totally off. He had simply put up the fence posts. According to him, that’s the hard part, but here we are a week later and the fencing material still hasn’t arrived from Home Depot. Timely delivery doesn’t seem to be their strong point.

So if your sharp eyes noticed something off, you were right, but eventually this will be fenced in.


Now that that’s settled, let’s take a look at what has been going on in the garden. We have beets and lettuce coming up.

Lettuce and Beets Collage

Don’t strain your eyes too hard, I promise you they really are there this time. We also have a sprinkling of carrots that I won’t even try to photograph and a few meager peas I’d be embarrassed to show. I scattered some slug bait and am hoping the fence is keeping out the rabbits. The one thing that’s doing really well so far is the potatoes in their grow bags.

Potato Bags

I’m adding handfuls of dirt almost daily, and before too long will have to unroll the top to make room for all those tasty spuds.

I heard strange noises coming from under the deck yesterday. It was the MR putting the final touches on the sprinkler system. He had this all figured out before one block was laid for the garden boxes.

Sprinkler line

He’s had the ditch dug and the pipe laid for a while and just needed to hook it up to the water. The shower by the hot tub was by the far the closest option, so he managed that today. His first foray into working with copper pipes was a success–no leaks. Unfortunately, some of our plumbing was installed backwards, so we are now watering the garden with hot water. Maybe this week he’ll have time to switch things around.

One of the best parts about this time of year is the flowers in bloom, and some of my favorites are those that were a total surprise. The field of foxgloves is one gift of the house I love.

Foxglove Collage

The golden chain is finishing up, the irises are showing their stuff, and that crazy palm just keeps blooming.

Blooming Palm

Now if the vegetable garden would just keep up. The tomatoes on the deck are looking a sickly color. Do they need more water? Less water? More sun? Less sun? I just don’t know. I’ll feed them some worm juice and wash it down with a good watering and hope for the best.

What’s new in your yard?


4 thoughts on “Garden Update 6.10.13

  1. Our temps. the last 2 weeks have been in the low 100s, so not much is happening except the leaves are crisping up. This weekend hit 117+ which broke all kinds of records. However, the tomatoes are growing and producing more tomatoes, so all is good.

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