Making Changes

Sometimes you choose to change, and sometimes change is thrust upon you. We’ve had a little of both in the food department lately.

Baby Girl (BG) tested positive for wheat, gluten, and soy antibodies recently. So while she’s not going to stop breathing if she eats these foods, her body will respond negatively to them. That has led to a definite change in her diet and in turn ours.

Now BG has been our pasta girl forever. If she was making dinner, everybody knew it was homemade mac & cheese, so you can imagine the last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle. No more sandwiches for lunch or toast for breakfast. Yes, there are gluten-free alternatives; but at $8 for a loaf of bread, it seems like something to be savored and doled out sparingly. We’ve tried GF bagels and waffles with a ho-hum response, so I decided to keep searching Tastespotting and Pinterest for yummy recipes and came up with a few winners.

I know BG likes these cookies, but frankly I’m in love with their chewy chocolate and peanut butter goodness. In all honesty, I’ve eaten more than my share. It’s interesting, some gluten-free recipes substitute something for the flour, while others get rid of flour and grains all together. These double chocolate, double peanut butter cookies do the latter and are just plain yummy. Check out the recipe at Butter Baking.

Chocolate PB Cookies Close Up

Snacks are all well and good, but you can’t make a meal of them–at least you shouldn’t. So the hunt continued until I spotted mini-bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches on potatoes.

The other night, while I was making dinner, I toasted up some potato slices in preparation. And the next day for lunch, I packed a BLT on potato rounds held together with toothpicks. BG doesn’t like tomatoes, but she loves avocados, so technically this would be a BLA. Fortunately, that regrettable acronym was a totally inaccurate description of these tasty treat.


BG whole-heartedly endorsed the mini-BLA’s.  She admitted that she’s been a little depressed thinking she’d never get to eat good food again. And since I had all the components prepared ahead of time, they are super easy to assemble.

BLA Assembly 2

For all the details on how to make these little lovelies, go to Make It Naked (I don’t make up the names).

While I’ve been having fun trying out some gluten-free recipes, they haven’t all been winners. I made some pancakes Sunday that could be classified as  interesting at best. And while I was scouring the internet searching for GF desserts for the FFA banquet tonight, I realized I was making my life too hard. The KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) works in so many situations. We love chocolate covered strawberries, they’re simple to make, and they’re totally gluten-free.

I’ve been lucky to receive a lot of great advice from friends who’ve been on this gluten-free adventure for many years. And most stores carry some GF items; it’s just a matter of finding the ones you like.

With all this tinkering around in the kitchen and the recent addition of my handmade dish clothes and pot holders (check them out here), I decided it was time to do a few more upgrades. So when I saw these bright and cheery dish towels, I knew they were coming home. I’ve been looking for juice glasses forever. I’ve thrown away far too many half drunk glasses of pop, juice, and milk over the years–can you say portion control? So I brought home juice glasses, and double old fashioned with just a bit of color.

Glasses and towels 3

Now, it’s time for me to get started on those strawberries. BG ran for FFA officer, and I’m excited to find out the results tonight. Tomorrow morning instead of writing a post, I’ll be headed to Bellingham to help Sweet Miss move. I’m even more excited to have both my girls home for the summer.

Just another week and school’s over for BG, too. I can’t wait for relaxed schedules, popsicles, BBQ’s, water fights, berry picking, pickle ball, and lovely sunshine.

How’s your summer shaping up? 


10 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. I have to admit, I was frightened when I saw your pics of the cookies – – and then I finally saw it wasn’t one lump of cookie, but two nicely shapped disks, stacked on each other. 😉 Glad you are finding some good recipes and ideas! Great job remembering KISS.

    It’s always funny to me to hear friends that live all over and how different their school schedules are. We have been out 2 1/2 weeks, but of course we will be back on August 14. Yesterday was my last regular day until the 1st of August.

    Glad you have time with both the girls!

    • We don’t start school until early September, so we’re paying for it now.

      I always have to weigh my options with photos in this place. Do I take a picture with the valley as a backdrop or get a better picture with a messy kitchen in the background?

      I’m glad you figured out it was two cookies and that I’m not trying to totally sabotage any attempts at a healthy diet.

  2. I was wondering what the blue glob was on the blue and white striped towel. I think it is a snack, but not sure. Love the flash of color with the glasses, and dish towels, but why the new ice cube tray? I thought you had a ice maker?
    I think I have figured out better recipes for our week of breakfasts. Wow $8.00 for GF bread is high, am shopping today and will look at our store.

    • It’s actually a dark brown blob composed of two artfully stacked cookies on a purple and white striped napkin. Let’s just call that photo an epic fail. I would have taken another picture, but I’d already eaten all the cookies.

      We do have an ice maker–just no water running to it. So another tray to go with the one we already have seemed like a good idea.

      Thanks for looking into ways to change up trip menus. BG has started noticing a difference, but I’m sure she’ll manage whatever you make.

      • That is wonderful that BG has noticed the difference already!!!!! We will all be happy to contribute to her success, by simply moving to new and exciting recipes. KISS rocks!

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  4. Maybe It’s weird that I’m reading your blog? I don’t know, but I LOVE it. Specifically, in this particular post, I am enamored with the BLT on potato rounds. I am going to give it a go with some of the organic red potatoes that we dug up at the Donnelly’s Riverbank Blueberries.

    • I heard you were following along. The more the merrier I say. The little potato BLTs are tasty especially on the first day or two. With your gang I imagine they’ll disappear quickly. I’m sure they’ll be even tastier on freshly dug spuds. Enjoy!

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