Planning for Success

When the girls were little, we took certain steps to help them be successful.

I went around the house and removed most of the breakables, so I wouldn’t have to run after them telling them “NO” all day. When Sweet Miss hung on the glass doors of the barrister bookcases, the MR simply removed the doors while visions of broken glass and toppling shelves danced in my head. And when Baby Girl insisted on crawling through the opening under the glider rocker, I put a pillow down to block her path.

You simply have to baby-proof, toddler-proof, and then child-proof your home. Currently, the puppy-proofing stage is here in full force.

Cocoa Close up

She looks so innocent.

When I was visiting my family in Kansas, Cocoa showed her love for me by chewing up my shoes.

Chewed Up Shoes

Baby Girl told me that she saved my slippers. I’d hate to see them if she hadn’t been able to do that. After a day of traveling, I slipped off my shoes and listened to BG and the MR tell about their weekend–big mistake. I wasn’t home 15 minutes, before another pair of shoes bit the dust. That one was my fault, I should have put them away.

Most of our shoes, we keep out in the garage for easy access as we leave. But I have visions of mice chewing up my heels, and we have these great built-in shoe keepers in our closet. So I’ve been storing my heels and special shoes in them.

Cocoa seems to be a bigger threat than the mice. These shoes aren’t the first casualties. The shoes I wore to a Christmas party when I was pregnant with BG had already been demolished. So I had started storing some in shoe boxes. I really like the sleek, dark gray ones from  I just don’t have enough.


Rather than splurge on a bunch of new shoes, I added these cute storage bins to the mix the other day when I was out shopping.


I’m currently storing scarves and swimsuits in them–a few more items Cocoa likes to run off with–and I can use the baskets to protect my shoes.

They are just a touch too long, but eventually I’ll swap them out for more of the shoe boxes I like so much and be able to use the bins on the shelving up above.

New Bins

You may be asking why I don’t just close the door to the closet. If I scoot back a little, it’s easy to see that this is a walk-through with two openings and no doors, so Miss Cocoa Bean can run right through without me noticing.

Open Closet with blinds down 2

It’s that witching hour between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, when the MR leaves for work and before I get up, that Cocoa gets into the most trouble. I may have to start getting up early or resign myself to the fact that she will chew up everything in sight. Yesterday it was a man’s slipper from the benches by the front door, today it was a clove of garlic from the pantry (that might be a one-time thing).

Lately at random moments during the day, I’ve heard a crash in the laundry room. She has learned to open the cupboard where we store the dog food and dump it over for a veritable feast. Apparently, Bogart’s food is tastier than her own. It was never our plan to store the dog food in the shower; you just do what you got to do.

Where do you store your shoes? How do you keep your home safe for and/or from man and beast?


4 thoughts on “Planning for Success

  1. Thankfully, we have doors on our walk-ins, so I keep shoes in my closet (DH’s are anywhere, usually, but his closet…) Princess does know how to open our bedroom door. This used to be nice when she wanted in, and we had already gone to bed. She seems to have finally learned that we are not going to get up at 3 AM because she feels the need to play outside in her advanced years.

    If you are eating, don’t read further.

    She has never brought a mouse in that I am aware of, but she has caught one in the house! But worse than that, she caught a small rabit years ago. We have no idea how she accomplished this, other than DH and I were deep in conversation) but DH stood up to do something to find its insides presented on his lap!!! EWWWW I’m not sure she understand why we were making all that racket!

  2. No kids, no animals…………..sad, lonely, way too quiet, but we are able to keep our shoes where ever we like. “I feel your pain”, but in a few years, this too will pass, and you will regale family and friends with all the wonderful stories.

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