Garden Update 6.17.13–Fences, Stairs, Flowers, and Dogs

It was a beautiful weekend in our little corner of the world–perfect weather to be outside, and we made the most of it.

Sweet Miss is officially moved home as of last Wednesday, and it took no time at all to put her to work. She helped me add the fencing to the posts the MR put up earlier this month around the orchard. We simply unrolled the mesh down the slope, unfolding and zip-tying as we went along. It was truly a fascinating process as can be seen from Cocoa’s interest, and the fencing has already proved its usefulness by capturing one critter.

We got through the first roll fairly quickly and were really getting into a groove when we realized we didn’t have enough to fully enclose our area. So we decided to stop and consult with the expert. After all the MR was the one who bought the supplies, maybe he had a plan…not so much. So Saturday, we finished it off with a little gap we filled in with some wire fencing leftover from enclosing the berry bushes.

Fenced Orchard Collage

I do believe I’ll be picking currants this week. We don’t have a fancy gate for the enclosure. It’s simply tied at one end with some twine, so getting in and out will be quite convenient.

Now, let’s head on over to the garden. I think the fencing is helping, but the vegetables are just painfully slow. Last week, I left you on pins and needles with the horror of watering the garden with hot water. It was a simple fix, and the MR got to practice soldering copper–bonus. The sprinklers are all set up on a timer making watering simple and easy. The MR–kind man that he is–added stairs to the garden this weekend. They’re simply dug out of the hillside, but they make getting around so much easier. I was tired of losing my shoes and socks as I navigated the slopes.

You may be asking, Kim how does your garden grow? Well, the beets are coming along, I saw a few beans up, and I need to add some more Sluggo around the lettuce.  I just need to remind myself to be patient. The first year with a garden is always a challenge.

Garden Collage

While I’ve been diligently weeding along the north side of the driveway, I let the small planting bed next to the deck go. In the spring, it’s filled with an exuberant display of yellow daffodils; long since, this had turned into a jungle of weeds. I removed them, and tied the daffodil leaves into bundles. It may seem crazy, but now the leaves are still making food for the bulbs and I was able to easily weed around them. I’d like to plant some showy perennials that would fill in around the daffodils each year and cover the dying leaves.

Daffodil Collage

The MR shaped up the bushes lining both the driveway and the portico, mowed the small patch of lawn he’s tending next to the side flowerbed, and dug another set of stairs leading from that area down to the lower part of the house. Have I mentioned he’s a busy guy?

For Father’s Day, we bought him a beautiful red, blooming vine, and he had it planted before we headed off to church. I’m hoping it will twine around the deck adding beauty and softness. In case you’re wondering, the blooming palm has finished up, but the lovely purple flowers in the pot below it continues to put on a show. I’m afraid they’re not quite as impressive as the field of foxgloves in the meadow or those lining the driveway.

Upper Yard Collage

For Father’s Day, we spent the afternoon at the river with the dogs. Bogart loves the water, but Cocoa had never been swimming. It was a great way to relax on a sunny day followed by a barbecue, cards, and a movie. Hope all the fathers out there had a special day.

What’s new in your yard?


5 thoughts on “Garden Update 6.17.13–Fences, Stairs, Flowers, and Dogs

  1. I finally got ours planted. I didn’t go the seed route this year, so it isn’t completely terrible how late I am, but I am jealous of friends nearby who see produce. We’ll have to see how it does.

    • Maybe I should have done more transplanting, so the slugs and bunnies wouldn’t eat it all. I’m still waiting for the lettuce to go from tiny sprouts to lush leaves. I did pick up a zucchini plant at the farmers market this week.

  2. Loved the pictures, and the fence around the orchard is fabulous! Both ‘logicals’ and families were here for dinner and overnight last night. Fun evening. Garden is just the same.

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