Water Dogs

Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you our afternoon at the river with the dogs. Bogart has always loved the water. At our old house, he would swim in the retention ponds and get filthy in the murky water.

Here, we just don’t have that opportunity. We have a creek somewhere, but the land is sloped and heavily forested with so many ravines, we haven’t explored our property the way we might. Cocoa has never been to the lake or the river, so we were interested to see how she’d take to it.

Our sweet puppy is enthusiastic about life and that includes water. Baby Girl was disappointed that we’d forgotten to bring a ball, but Bogart adapted to a stick with no problem. I’m pleased to note that the only sibling rivalry we experienced on Father’s Day was of the canine variety. Bogart would swim out and grab the stick and Cocoa would try to steal it from him. When the stick was waterlogged and sank, Bogart would put his whole head underwater and dive till he retrieved it.

Water Dogs Collage

There was a lot of barking, splashing, and shaking going on; and I for one had a great time laughing at their antics.

More Wet Dogs Collage

By the time the day was over, we had some very tired dogs.

Tuckered Out

Today is the last day of school, and I’m looking forward to the relaxed schedule, sunshine, and family time summer brings.

Hope you’re out enjoying some summer fun.


3 thoughts on “Water Dogs

  1. Oh what fun at the river! I remember when Bogart came with us all to Leavenworth. The river was so swift that we were all afraid to throw is and have it float down river too fast and far for Bogart to get it. So a stick was the best thing. I know I threw it at least 300 times one afternoon.

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