Cutting a Rug

Me and the MR we were cutting a rug the other day–just dancing up a storm…. OK, so those of you who know us, know that’s totally not true.

We might walk to the mailboxes, so the MR can prune back the bushes along the way–check.

We might sit on the deck, sip wine, and watch the hummingbirds feed at the bougainvillea–check.

We might listen to music while we add another piece to our crazy hard puzzle–check.

Dancing just doesn’t happen around here, but the MR truly did do a little literal rug cutting over the weekend. When I talked about moving the desk to its own space and out of the middle of the great room, I mentioned the little problem of no plug-ins in the middle of the floor. This lack of outlets had been holding us back forever. And while we really liked the new set up, we didn’t like the cords that ran from the cabinetry across the floor to the desk.

New desk set up

Now the MR has plenty of experience in installing outlets and lights. I have total faith in him, but here we have an added challenge. We have plastic tubing running through the floors to heat the downstairs. If the MR nicked this tubing, it would be a very expensive mistake. He bought a heat sensor and tried to discover where the tubing was laid. Perhaps this is the wrong time of year for it to work. When it’s in the 80’s, the floors aren’t heated.

It didn’t help that we have very thick carpet laid over a very thick pad. But the MR, smart man that he is, decided to use this to his advantage. By cutting a channel in the carpet pad, he was able to lay the cords without any danger of compromising them.


Now you see them, now you don’t.

No cords

With a little careful cutting, the MR brought the cords up through the carpet below the desk, and we’re set.


This rather inelegant solution works for now. Someday, we’ll have new carpet with outlets in the proper places. We are currently making do, and I no longer have to worry about tripping over cords.

How are you making do? Any carpet suggestions? We’re steering clear of emerald green.


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