Hard water, who knew?

I’ve always lived in town with mountain water. It snows every winter, in the spring the snow melts, the reservoirs fill, and great tasting, soft water has always been ready any time I needed it.

And then we moved here with our own well. Suddenly our water was free. With all the work we’ve had done on the well, the MR says this is the most expensive free water ever.

I don’t know that ours would be classified as “hard” water, but it’s something. It tastes a little funny, and it leaves behind a trail of white. The chic black soap dispenser in our bathroom was retired covered in a film if white. And after 20 years of this water, all the faucets are covered in hard crusty gunk.

I’ve scrubbed. My housekeeper has scrubbed. We’ve brainstormed ways to shine up all the sinks and tile. Nothing seemed to work, so I turned to Pinterest for a little help.

The picture showing disgusting faucets turned all shiny and new seemed right up my alley. Sometimes my life is rather sad.

DIY Confessions had great results and a simple potion to achieve it. It was worth a try.

I just mixed up half a bottle of white vinegar, 1/4 cup lime juice (the recipe called for lemon, but all I had was fresh and it seemed a little upscale for cleaner) and roughly half a bottle of dish soap. Then I sprayed it on and left it for awhile. Here’s the yucky before.
Faucet gunk

Here we are all up close and personal. I know it’s bad.


And a little waiting, a little scrubbing, a little wiping later, we ended up with this.

Second Soak

It’s not perfect, but it’s oh so much better. I figure it took 20 years to look this disgusting, maybe it takes more than one try to look great. You’ll have to excuse me now, I have some scrubbing to do.

Any hard water tips you’d like to share?


8 thoughts on “Gunk

  1. Oh, the sad world of hard water. Yes, we have hard water – and yes, you do, too. At least you live in the “boonies”. We live in the middle (ok, not the middle, but the NW side) of the largest city in Kansas. Our neighborhood was the first built as the city began sprawling to the West. I’m sure it was considered getting out of the city at the time. As the neighborhoods closed in, city water came, but the previous owners stuck with what they had. So we did, too.

    Have you considered getting a water softener? IMO – They are not the end all answer, and gunk up, too. Regular maintenance definitely required. Ours went caput long ago, and we never got a new one. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one on the market now.

    Cleaning is definitely the pits! I have very few suggestions, but will be trying yours out. We do use a pumice stone to clean the toilets. They drive me the most nuts.

    If you find any other tips that work, would love to hear them.

    • My toilets are frightening. That’s one thing I’m not putting on the blog. I’ll have to try the pumice stone. The MR’s uncle has been telling me about water softeners. We may need to do some research.

      Do you have any ideas about laundry? It just doesn’t seem as white.

  2. I grew up with hard water and I remember that we never let a sprinkler run on windows, cars, etc. It would cloud the glass so fast. Luckily, I didn’t have to do the heavy cleaning, so no great tips here. Good luck with getting your faucets cleaned up.

  3. Our whites are the same way, thankfully we don’t have many short of socks and undies. One thing to keep in mind, it takes more soap when washing in hard water. I do use more laundry soap. It has affected colored clothes, too, I think. My son Kenny found some whitener to add to the wash to help (he wears white t-shirts under his work shirts) and I think it helps. It is in a smaller bottle. I have no idea who he learned about it from, he came home this last time with it.

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