Home Again, Home Again

For the last week, we’ve been celebrating. We abandoned the big, white house for warmer if not greener pastures and rented a house in eastern Washington on Lake Chelan.

This was a special week set aside for celebrating the MR’s folks’ 50th wedding anniversary and his mom’s 70th birthday. We enjoyed a week filled with ziplining, volleyball, wine tasting, card games, intertubing, laughter, family, and fun.

I don’t like to post when we’re out of town, just in case the housesitter and the security system are put to the test. I do believe our housesitter (otherwise known as Sweet Miss’ fella) had more excitement than he imagined. Cocoa is this sweet, innocent puppy, but every day he came home to destruction. It was like some kind of demon was let loose in the house. We lost shoes, hats, sunglasses, work gloves, dolls, books, and the piece de resistance is probably Bogart’s bean bag chair. It took him over two hours to clean up after that.

Shortly before we arrived home yesterday, Baby Girl texted to inform me we have no food–that could be an exaggeration. I still have a suitcase to unpack and piles of laundry to tackle. And along with being a crazy dog while we were gone, Cocoa ended up with some awful growth on her face, so I need to call the vet. A trip to the grocery store is a must. Anyways, I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, so I’m just going to share with you two of my favorite images from the week.

While MeeMee’s birthday was in June, July was the closest we could do to get together and celebrate with folks coming from California, Texas, Nevada, and Washington. Her sister bought her a special t-shirt to commemorate the day.

Bikini Babes

She fit right in with her granddaughters at the beach.

We were also celebrating MeeMee and Papa’s 50th anniversary, so Auntie Carol had a friend do a little tweaking to American Gothic. We received pictures and pins, and they received t-shirts with this image.

Our American Gothic07122013_0000

We are a quirky bunch to be sure. The bikini T got more than one second glance at the beach. I have 100 photos to go through and edit, and will probably share more with you later. But for now, those chores are calling.

Hope you’re taking time for friends and family this summer. Go out and make some memories.


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