Picking a Palette

I like having a goal–something to aim for. That’s why I’ve been intent on choosing a color scheme for our house.

Recently, I spent an afternoon browsing the gorgeous pictures on Design Seeds. I hadn’t noticed the blog tab at the top of the page before and decided to hop over to that web site and see what it had to offer. While Design Seeds shows photos and colors in turn drawn from these photos, Fresh Hues shows pictures, a palette, and then a variety of images featuring the colors from those palettes.

Lately, I’ve been drawn towards vibrant citrus hues. Remember the new high ball glasses I bought last month?

Glasses and towels 3

The potholders I made after the yarn shop tour are such a vibrant lemon yellow.

potholders with hearts

I love how these cheery tones look so clean and crisp with the white counters.

I guess I’ve always had a fondness for these colors. These are a few favorite pieces that I’ve had for years.


Baby Girl made the reliquary jar, and Sweet Miss made me the coaster. The MR brought home flowers in the vase that have since been replaced with basil. Just a few of my treasures that remind of those I love.

Sweet Miss and I went shopping when she first came home from school and saw some hurricane lanterns that I really liked, but they were more than I was willing to spend. The next week, she found these apple green ones at Ross for a great price.

Green Hurricanes

While she said that we could paint them, the green color is growing on me. I thought a palette that featured green and citrus hues would be perfect for spring and summer. So I was oh so pleased when I came across Flora Glow on Fresh Hues.

I was totally digging the popsicle pictures featuring mint and melon, but I could pass on the pink door and pink cupcakes.

Since this is my house, my pallet, couldn’t I just skip the pink colors and switch them for white? It would certainly make the MR happier if we opted out of pink.

Speaking of my guy, he doesn’t get the idea of pictures or palettes; sometimes my explanations fail to enlighten. For me it’s all about focus. I love color. If I see something great, I might be tempted to buy it even though it’s the wrong color if I didn’t have a goal, a feel, a vibe that I was aiming towards.

Now do I want our house to look like a beautiful flower or a watermelon-mojito popsicle? Uh, no. But those colors speak to me. They feel fresh, and beautiful, and fun. I wouldn’t mind if our home felt that way, too.

So all this leads up to the fact that I’ve been shopping at Tuesday Morning. I’ve decided to add a little of that green and some sunny yellow touches around the house. By replacing a few throw pillows and adding some accents, I can change the whole feel of our space.

My feet get tired standing on the kitchen tile, so a few cheery rugs at the sink and stove add comfort, color, and softness to a fairly sterile space.

Rugs 2

Over in the desk area, I switched a brown faux leather box for a yellow, orange, and green floral.

Kitchen Desk Up Close

Baby Girl made me the bag and flowers for Mother’s Day when we were teaching preschool Sunday school. The green lime napkins can add color to a party or wouldn’t the look cute mod-podged to a tray?

Moving to the great room, I added a green woven tray to coral the remote and tissue box. The old wooden box I was using just didn’t look good next to the black granite.

Rattan Tray 2

Adding these touches of color somehow makes the little green chairs, the hurricanes, and the rest all come together. I found a few throw pillows to add to the mix.

Green Pillow

A little green amidst all that brown brings it into the family. While I love this little owl pillow, I think a colorful throw would help finish this sitting area.

Owl Pillow 2

This yellow and gray flowered table cloth screams fun to me.

Yellow and Gray Tablecloth

I also bought a few vases on my shopping spree, but I’m still trying to figure out a plan for the mantel.  My stop at Cost Plus was a bust. They do have spring pillows on sale 40 percent off, and a 15 percent off coupon for club members, but I just didn’t find anything that seemed right.

Part of the fun of decorating is the hunt, and now that I’ve picked a palette, I’m off.

Do you have a color palette for your home? Where do you find your inspiration?


8 thoughts on “Picking a Palette

  1. Like, like, like, like – I’m sure I haven’t answered like to all of the what do you thinks – but you get the idea. I especially love the idea to modpodge the napkins!

    Seeing all of these wonderful changes and additions has me wondering, what color are you going to make the carpet when you get to that point?

    We’ve discussed the colors in our house before, but I never really thought about where I came up with it. I just love the warmness of the browns and sage that runs through most of the house. I probably saw it somewhere, but didn’t even think about it at the time. I just knew that was what I wanted.

    I can only say that our upstairs inspiration was individual, as every room color choice was left up to the occupant. The hallway, however, is the same sage to bring continuity up the staircase. We love it – at least I do, I don’t know if DH really has an opinion.

    I do think about if we ever sell the house, the upstairs has such dark, bold colors, it won’t be a fun job to repaint. I think we shall live here forever. Then we can let our kids deal with it when we are gone, lol. I’m sure I will want to redecorate sooner then that, however. sigh.

    Can’t wait to watch as more treasures are discovered and added to your rooms.

    • I almost forgot! Thanks for sharing about using your old flower vases for planting herbs. I have several – they are really cute but never know what to do with them.

    • Lori, I have no idea what color we’ll end up with when we replace the carpet. Something light that won’t show fading and can stand up to two black dogs and 30 acres of forest.

      Your home sounds so warm and cozy. When we sold our last home, the realtor had us paint the girls’ rooms a beige/yellow. Otherwise he was afraid we’d be the house with the blue (think beach) and pink (three white walls with one raspberry accent wall) rooms. They didn’t really match the rest of the house, but they lost so much personality when we painted them.

      I’m glad we’d already moved out before they were painted. The girls wouldn’t have been happy there.

  2. I am sitting at the bar in your kitchen as I write, and I love the new ‘pops’ of color. The house is fast becoming a home with your personality touches seen here and there. I do hope you show the fantastic bench on the deck soon. Looking at it as you round the corner of the driveway, it welcomes you and foretells the excitement of the interior decor’. Good job!!!

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