A Look Back at July

With five Mondays in July, I’ve been talking about the garden over and over again. We’ve had successes and set-backs. As I’m writing this, the MR’s parents are watching robins, squirrels, and a bunny try to infiltrate the kitchen garden. Unfortunately, they’re meeting with a lot of success.

The beans were up; the beans were down. I decided to outsmart whatever was getting them by starting them indoors and then planting them out. Well that worked for about a minute until creatures stripped them bare. I added floating row cover this week and am hoping for the best.

Bean Collage

I can always go pick beans at the local organic farm across the valley. Up on the deck, the tomatoes are faring better. They’ve gone from leafless to lush and are still adding blossoms and fruit.

Tomato Collage

While I’d love to say that the lettuce is growing by leaps and bounds and that we’ve been enjoying fresh beets and carrots, it’s just not happening, but other things are really starting to grow. Just take a look at the difference a couple of weeks makes.

Overhead Collage

I have faith that it will all work out. The grapes are twining along their arbor and are producing a few clusters. I need to remember patience; it’s all coming together. Check out our week by week battle with deer, bunnies, squirrels, birds, and bad topsoil herehereherehere, and here.

Lest you think all I do is wander around outside and complain about critters, we did do a few other things around here this month. The MR created a channel in the carpet pad in Cutting a Rug to hide the cords to the computer.

No cords

Now we have no worries of tripping over something on the way to the desk. While this is not a perfect solution, it works for now until we’re able to add a few more outlets in the middle of the great room instead of just around the edges.

Sometimes, I enjoy nothing more than sitting back and enjoying the view. I hope you’ve had some restful mornings this summer.

Gunk-y faucets had been greeting me every time I washed my hands, but the concoction I put together to get rid of those nasty hard water stains really works. It’s taken a few applications, but the sinks are looking so much better. On the other hand, I tried orange Kool-aid in the toilet bowl overnight with zero luck. I know it sounds weird, but the lady on Pinterest swore it worked like magic, and at only 25-cents a package why not give it a try? The bathroom did have a pleasant fruity smell, but the ring from the hard water remained.

Faucet Collage

We had a great time with the MR’s extended family celebrating special times in Chelan. (Check out Home Again, Home Again.) For a week, we stayed in a beautiful home on the lake. Everyone took turns cooking, and Auntie Carol had all sorts of fun surprises for the birthday girl, the anniversary couple, and everyone else. The cousins and their dads played pinball and volleyball. The evenings were filled with cards and laughter.

House Collage

We rented a boat one day. I especially love the look of terror on Baby Girl’s face when Papa was driving and she was in the intertube.

Boat Collage

We’ve been vacationing at Wapato Point for years, and the girls have a few favorite places. We went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast and the Chelan Winery for a BBQ dinner. Those girls do love their ribs.

Family Collage

We hadn’t seen the MR’s aunt and uncle for several years. It was so fun to be able to catch up and for sisters to spend some quality time together.

I got a little nostalgic with the The Story of an Icebox. It’s been through so many incarnations in the last 22 years, I wonder what it saw before it came to us? Here’s back in the day, when it was the show piece you saw as you came in the front door at our last house.

Ballerinas and Icebox07232013_0000

Sometimes I miss those sweet little ballerinas that are almost grown up now.

I don’t know if Harvold still has raspberries; they say to call first on their web site. But the berries we picked a few weeks back were sweet, tasty, and gorgeous. I made a few jars of jam, but we ate most of them fresh. After I talked about the joys of working with Pomona fruit pectin in Summer in a Jar, I read a post from Food in Jars about the new cookbook from Allison Carroll Duffy called Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin. Hey MR, that would be a lovely birthday present–hint, hint. Sometimes it’s fun to tap into other’s creativity.

I am oh so happy with the cheery green and yellow accents I’ve been adding to the great room since I Picked a Palette. Suddenly, the little green chairs make sense. While the emphasis is citrus tones, I have mostly been focusing on the lime/apple green accents. During the fall and winter, I thought I’d replace the yellow and orange with grays and darker greens to give the room a cozier feel. I’ve been keeping my eyes open and picked up a few more things to add some color.

Citrusy Accents Collage

I wanted to hang the birch print by Sweet Miss’ graduation picture, but it’s way too big. Perhaps I need to add some of our favorite photos to this area until we have a chance to get that family portrait taken. Some day it will all come together.

Someone asked what we’d do about the the carpet. In all honesty, we haven’t gotten that far. I thought cork would be warm, the MR says polished concrete would be really cool. As you can see, we are miles apart. We want something that works with the style of the house, is soft to the feet, doesn’t create more of an echo, won’t fade, and wears well. It may be a while before we come to any sort of decision.

I guess that’s why this is a journey not a race.

What have you been up to this month? Did you spend time with friends and family? Battle with beasts? Enjoy the fruits of your labor?


One thought on “A Look Back at July

  1. That was a great blog as usual. Enjoyed the pictures of our week in Chelan, can’t wait to see Aunt Carol’s. It was wonderful to see your home coming together with the ‘personal’ touches you are adding. The colors are ‘smart and sassy’ and reflect your happiness in your home. Thank you for the wonderful time spent with your/our family! Love, MeeMee and Papa

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