Little Changes

Sometimes little changes can make a big difference. You may not have enough money to remodel the whole bathroom, but just changing out the bath mat can make a big difference.

I’ve been looking at old pictures lately and suddenly realized we hold onto things for a long time. Sometimes it’s furniture or clothes, and sometimes it’s a bath mat.

It doesn’t matter that it’s stained and old. It’s a bath mat, and it’s what we’ve got.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve kept this shabby beige bath mat for so long.


I looked at a pristine and cushy white rug a few weeks ago, but Cocoa likes to lay on the mat while I shower.


When you’re infinitely fascinating and have two black dogs follow you everywhere, white rugs are definitely a mistake.


The other day I was shopping like a Maxxinista, and came across this lovely gray and white patterned rug.


So for $14 and some change I added some color, pattern, and interest to this corner of the bathroom.

Since we got rid of the crazy wall of faux finishing, the master bedroom could use a dose of color. While the rug looks almost brown in the first photo, it reads a nice medium gray.


It’s amazing how replacing something ugly with color and charm can lift your spirits and make your whole world brighter.

They say its the little stresses that bring on the heart attacks. I’ve gotten rid of the ugly bath mat, scheduled my annual exam, gotten Baby Girl’s sports physical signed, and paid the lab fees from when Sweet Miss passed out in chem lab.

Now I need to buy a birthday present, make reservations for our anniversary, schedule hair appointments, and finish back to school shopping. Oh, and I still have laundry piled up from vacation.

At least I can smile when I step out of the shower.

Made any little changes around your home lately? For the price of lunch out, i added some lasting charm. Who knew?


5 thoughts on “Little Changes

  1. small changed can make a big difference, in a bathroom for example just changing the shower head or taps make a big difference, and ain’t an expensive job. Granted not as cheap as a shower mat.

  2. Hey, I didn’t know that Sweet Miss passed out in chem lab! I thought that had been stopped by eating what her body could handle. I like the mat, a lot. You have been going non-stop for quite a while, I think more “down time” would be beneficial for you. I know, I sound like a mother…….in-law, but take heed, rest more, you deserve it.

    • Sweet Miss received a police/EMT escort to the health center, but she got full credit on the lab. They recommended iron.

      I love the lazy days of summer, but sometimes they turn into the crazy days

      I’m looking forward to a return to normal.

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