Garden Update 8.12.13–Cleaning Up

Since we’ve spent eight of the last 12 days out of town and our last weekend getaway was cut short by the stomach flu, we haven’t done a lot with the garden lately.

But I did take a critical look at our entry the other day, and didn’t like what I saw. The pots filled with colorful tulips and daffodils from last spring now sit abandoned around the planters full of dirt and a smattering of weeds. That’s not anyone’s idea of attractive. All it took was a few minutes to gather up the offending pots and other bits of weirdness that seem to gather unnoticed around the front door.

Entry Collage

Just clearing away the clutter lightens up the space. Baby Girl has it on her to do list to plant those bulbs this week.

Another frightening area was the side yard just past the girls’ wing. It’s right next to the tell, almost there but not quite. It’s home to all of those things you just don’t know what to do with, but you really might need some day. So you toss them over there until they’re totally useless and you throw them into the trash or the tell.

Piles of Junk 2

Now that all the meters are in for the solar, and we don’t have any workmen coming, I decided to tidy things up with the help of Baby Girl. By moving the potting bench against the house, sorting pots, and throwing out odd bits and pieces, we ended up with a fairly neat little area.

Tidied Up

Once Baby Girl plants those bulbs, I’ll have the perfect place to pot up our Russian sage seedlings. All the lumber went into a pile behind an old swing set support along with the pallet the stone garden kits came on.

Board piled neatly

It’s not my lumber, so I’m careful not to be throwing it out willy-nilly. That way the MR and I don’t end up fighting, because I got rid of junk that was actually really important. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I truly believe ugliness eats at your soul. Just picking up and organizing makes the side yard so much easier on the eyes.

Speaking of the MR, while I was laid up on the couch, he was watering the plants, pruning the driveway, and checking on the garden. Before we left for the Oregon coast last week, he added a layer of chicken wire to the fencing around the vegetable garden. So far so good, I do believe we’ve won the war of the rabbits. Of course, I’ve said that before. Let’s wait until next week to see if lettuce can really grow in those fancy stone garden beds and if my beets are truly gone for good. At least most of the beans now have leaves. Things are moving in the right direction.

Do you have a pile of weirdness in your side yard that you just don’t look at? I was amazed how quickly we went from ugly to presentable with a little organizing.


9 thoughts on “Garden Update 8.12.13–Cleaning Up

  1. Oh my, a blog that makes me not feel so bad! Behind our garage was cleaned out in the spring of mostly tossed boards from an old fence and some logs. It was so bad back there, I rarely went near it so I didn’t have to see. There is still an area right outside DH’s garage, in front of it that has some misc. stuff (I avoid that side of the house, too). Thankfully it sets back from the street and isn’t terribly noticeable. Love how neat the potting bench looks beside your house!

    • Oh Lori, my blog is for encouraging, inspiring, sharing a little life. It should never make you feel bad my friend. I know I tend to want to avoid messes sometimes, when just a few minutes of effort can make things so much better. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to avoid our ugly side yard; it’s the easiest route from the garage to the meadow, orchard, and garden. Maybe I need to adopt that attitude inside, too. Sometimes I become too comfortable with random weirdness.

  2. I think you and I may have had the same carpenter when it comes to potting benches, but much to MyMan’s dismay the potting table resides inside. I just love the uniqueness of it. I am planning on a way to turn it into a desk and create a writing room out of the spare “junk” room. It too is an area that “eats at my soul”. T
    he only thing that may stop my potting table from becoming a desk, will it fit through the doorway.

    • The MR’s parents bought us the potting bench ages ago, and for a long time, we too had it inside. It was right next to the table for storing extra food when the table was full, and I had long baskets that I filled with the girls’ toys and stored down below. At the old house, it eventually moved to the back patio, and after the move here, it’s been sitting at a random angle past the girls’ wing for 18 months. Now that we’ve thrown away the painters’ old brushes and all the random things stacked on it, it looks cute once again. I would love to see how your desk turns out–hoping it fits through the door. πŸ™‚

  3. I am so pleased to see that the potting bench is once again in use!!!! I loved it the minute I saw it and it has been so many things in and out of your home, and it once again looks lovely and useful.
    To think that it was once a fence and is a beautiful silver grey now. Thanks for not tossing it!!

  4. I should have been more specific, when I referred to blog, it was a generalized statement of all blogs, not yours specifically…lol. I was really just making fun of my honey do husband who does soooo much for so many, but often ignores things right in his own back yard (figuratively and literally!) πŸ˜‰

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