My Own Personal Handyman

The MR’s folks visited for a few weeks this summer, and it was better than having a genie in a bottle. With a genie, you only get three wishes; Papa Larry made it through over half the items on my honey-do list.

While MeeMee, the girls, and I were planning a day out, Papa was left with time on his hands. He’d already helped the MR with some mowing and other work around the house, and he had done a bang up job painting the little bench and redoing the supports, so I offered up a few small jobs he just might want to do.

While us girls went shopping, Papa got busy.

I had received a hummingbird feeder as a gift and had no idea how to hang it on the deck or from the roof. This shepherd’s crook was the perfect solution.


Me and Baby Girl had bought another peg board for the MR for his birthday. I hate digging through the tool box to find the right screwdriver and thought this would help get things organized. Well, his birthday is in February, and the board was still just sitting on the floor in the garage. Not a problem, it was up on the wall lickety-split.

peg board

Then we had these really cute sconces that hung beside our bed at the old house. While I like them so much more than the ones in the guest room currently, they aren’t hard-wired in, so they wouldn’t be a good replacement. Before I got rid of the them, Sweet Miss said she’d like them for her room. Flash forward 18 months and the sconces were still sitting on the floor in the sewing room. These were a little tricky to install, but Papa got the job done.

bed side sconces 2

They look oh so fab, but unfortunately they put a kink in Sweet Miss’ plans to rearrange her room–oops. I guess things can change in 18 months. While he was up there, I pointed out the broken piece on her dresser; Papa used gorilla tape to fix that up.

Dresser 2


Unfortunately, you do have to be careful not to over-stuff your drawers, so it all closes up neatly. We’re taking little steps.

And finally, we had the hose guard that needed a little spiffying up.

Hose Guide

Papa gave the post a coat of paint and combined the pretty one with the practical one.

Hoseguard 2

I’m not sure it quite matches my vision, but it’s a step in the right direction. Perhaps this is just phase one of the hose guard upgrade.

Now the MR would have definitely gotten around to these things some day, but he’s a busy guy. Along with putting in long hours at work, he keeps the driveway clear, mows the lawn, and is constantly doing jobs I don’t even understand. Who wants to spend a couple weeks caulking the flashing along the roof line and the edge of the deck so our house stays in one piece? It’s a good idea, but I’m not doing it. After he’s spent all day Saturday on his own set of jobs, I don’t have the heart to bug him with a list of my own.

So all that to say a huge thanks to Papa Larry for helping me and in turn helping out the MR. Don’t worry; I’m starting on a new list for your visit next summer.

Who do you go to for a helping hand?

By the by, as I was putting the finishing touches on this post, I looked up to see Mt. Rainier sitting over the fog-filled valley. It’s just too pretty a sight not to share.

Mt Rainier 2


And now poof, all the fog is gone, and it’s another spectacular summer morning. Hope you’re enjoying the end of August as summer winds down.


7 thoughts on “My Own Personal Handyman

  1. That is the nicest of gifts, to thank someone for their help. Papa is just like his father Gramps, in that all he wants to do is be of help. However he does appreciate direction on how he may be of help, and your list was great. He knows your MR is very busy, at work, and then again with huge projects when he gets home, so keep adding to that list for next year’s visit.
    When we arrived home, there was water in our garage. Our main water line to the outdoor water system had broken and needed a new line installed. The next day he paid to have that done, but is continuing to repair small leaks in the line. The extreme desert heat has been hard on pipes this summer. Came inside to find that the refrigerator side of our Sub-Zero was icing over on a spot of the back wall. Called the repair man who said turn off that side while we are away working, leave the door open and the freezer side would be fine while we are away. Sure hope he is right.
    We are stopping by the MR’s Sister’s home and he is hoping that they have a ‘honey-do’ list for him as well. Love is all about family wanting and needing and excepting help. Papa is feeling very loved.

  2. Great story!! I rely mostly on DH. He, however, works very hard, too. And is often found doing things for other people. So, sometimes, I resort to bringing in the reserves and paying someone. Mostly when there is a problem with the dishwasher (he HATES working on it), or if it involves carpentry (dear friend who is very talented). And, sigh, many things await being done – – probably some day in the future if we ever sell our home. Nothing big (those things get addressed), but just little touches.

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