Garden Update 8.26.13–Details

While summer is drawing to a close, we still have plenty to work on outside.

The MR pulled out the leaf blower on Saturday. I noticed a few fallen leaves on the driveway. Fall is just around the corner. Many of our summer flowers have died away. I took a few hours last week to dead head the candytuft.

While it’s a bit tedious, I just listen to an audiobook on my phone while I work away snipping little clumps of dead flowers that obscure the beauty of the plants.

Candy tuft looking fuzzy

They go from looking ratty to neat and tidy in a matter of minutes.

Candy tuft all cleaned up

Since we have more than 30 of these plants lining the driveway, the transformation goes on, and on, and on.

The MR made a more permanent upgrade this weekend. The stone garden beds were part of a kit. (You can read all about it here.) While they looked great, the top edge didn’t match up perfectly. Here’s a picture from a few weeks back.

Garden from Deck Closer with arrows

The MR had talked about renting a special saw to cut through these big, old slabs of concrete to make everything fit together nicely. When he mentioned this to a friend, the fellow suggested a diamond saw blade. While they’re more expensive than a regular saw blade, buying one would still be cheaper than renting a saw. Well, the MR went one better. When he was at the hardware store the other day, he found a masonry blade for his skill saw. It cost all of $2, and it totally did the trick. I guess “totally” would be an overstatement. The MR was able to make a guideline cut along the top edge and then tap away the rest with a hammer.

However he managed to do it, it looks so much more finished and together now.

Overhead of garden beds

While he was in the garden arranging everything, the MR did find eight cantaloupe growing away and a giant cucumber in need of picking.

We have eaten both of the apples (the total harvest from our fruit trees this year), a few handfuls of beans, and now we have a cucumber for our gyros tonight.


It’s been a rather disappointing harvest, but I know next year will be better. While things aren’t growing as well as I hoped, all you have to do is look at the two garden photos above to see major change.

Next year, all the fruit trees will be protected and more established. With fencing and chicken wire, the garden has been doing better. We are learning to deal with the wild life and poor soil. A cover crop and some worm castings should help next year’s plants get a better start. On the bright side, we do have a lot of blackberries in need of picking. That’s on my to-do list for this afternoon.

And now I wanted to share the beauty of a summer morning. I love the black trees against the white fog as I watch the day begin.

Morning Fog 2

Hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer and the beauty that around you. 

Volleyball try-outs start today. Good luck Baby Girl! We love you.


5 thoughts on “Garden Update 8.26.13–Details

  1. Always appreciate the photos of your scenery – brightens my day, all while making me slightly jealous. 😉

    Love how much better the raised bed looks, too bad they weren’t the right sizes in the first place…

    Seeing a little more activity in our garden. Completely surprised to see more tomatoes on some very sparse plants that are still left. From the back door, I really thought they were weeds that had sprung up! I have a cucumber (that I can see), several watermelon, I had spotted a cantaloupe a few weeks ago, but it must have bit the dust. Better than nothing!

    I feel like I know what to do to help our soil for next season, and will move on.

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