Play Ball

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she mentioned how much she loves following along on the blog and how busy we are.

That totally brought me to a stop. I’ve made a big mistake if I’ve given the impression that all we do is go, go, go. We always have chores to do and projects to work on, but we also take time to relax.

So I thought I’d share with you how we’ve spent a lot of evenings this summer. When the MR gets home from work, we adjourn to the deck chairs off the kitchen with wine, cheese and crackers, and this contraption.

K-9 Kannon

Earlier this summer, Grandma MeeMee gave the MR the K-9 Kannon. This tongue-in-cheek present has provided hours of entertainment. You see, while me and the MR want to relax and talk about the day, the dogs are ready to run.

Let's Go

With just the pull of the trigger, they’re off.

On the Run

And it’s a long way down to the meadow.

Down in the meadow

After a few turns, Cocoa comes back with her tongue hanging out ready to rest.

Tongue haning out Cocoa

But Bogart is far from calling it quits. So Cocoa makes a show of playing. She runs with him to the landing and then watches as he retrieves the tennis ball.

Cocoa on landing 2

She then greets him on his return running back up with him.

He's Back

And the processes starts all over again. The really great thing about using the Kannon is that you don’t have to touch a slobbery tennis ball. The ball fits into the end of the gun with no fuss or muss.

Even though Bogart celebrated his 10th birthday this July, he still has a lot of get-up-and-go. He can play ball for hours, and I don’t mind hanging out with my guy as an added bonus.

Bogart Rests 3

How do you kick back and relax come evening?


4 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. Love the dog story, I mean the relaxation story. The first thing I do after work is snuggle with my pup – she is 14 now. When she is outside, she still has a lot of energy, but for the first time ever, I can come home and she hasn’t heard me come in. I have to make myself known.

    Then I sit down and watch The Chew, and absolutely veg. No one is usually home during this time. Then it is time to start dinner.

    I like your relaxation- it rarely seems it happens at the same time at our house.

  2. How fun that neither man nor beast has grown tired of the K – 9 Kannon. It was so fun to find ‘the perfect toy’ at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
    I may sound strange, but my best time for relaxation is in the late afternoon waiting for the rest of the family to get home. The lead up to the ‘family around the dinner table’. When the kids were home I would ‘start dinner’ around 3:00 and we always ate at 6:00, so that is a lot of time to hang out in the kitchen. However, I wanted to be ‘available’ to the other family members in case they wanted to chat about their lives. It worked, they did their homework, they talked about their day, they planned the next day etc.
    It was not always a relaxing conversation, but it was a ‘gathering of the minds’, and a very special time for me, being let in to what was going on with them. Sitting around the dinner table with no TV, no phones, was something we could all count on doing together, even when it wasn’t a constant chatter, but just a quiet be a family. We most often had ‘guests’ around the table, who also seemed to enjoy our family time as well.because………………they kept coming back.
    Then the very best part of MY day was, having the rest of the family clean up the kitchen Yahoo!

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