August Is Over Already?

I was lazy on Friday and didn’t write up a wrap up post. I picked blackberries, did laundry, and decided August was a pretty quiet month.

Now to pay for my laziness, I find myself writing a post on Sunday afternoon. Maybe a few things got done after all this month.

We got rid of the huge satellite dish, and I shared the secret place weird things go die around here–the house on the hill tell. Now the MR wanted to be sure I issued a retraction regarding the blue toilet. He used a sledge hammer to break it up and sent it off in the trash, so there’s no baby blue toilet in the tell. There is a giant cast iron sink and a few other random items that won’t fit in the trash along with a lot of yard waste.

Me and Baby Girl also did a side yard clean up.

Tidied Up

It’s so nice to have a place to pot up plants rather than an eye sore.

Outside, we added a a few new plants, the worms are making a comeback (I almost drowned them here), and the MR fixed the top of the planter boxes.

Before & After Garden Collage

Not only do the tops all match up now, you can see things are finally growing. My dad stopped by on Saturday and said it looked like I had a jungle out there–such sweet words. We’ve been enjoying cucumbers, zucchini, and a few handfuls of beans. I accused the dogs of mistaking our apples for a tennis ball. Who can blame them?

Apple Ball Comparison

While the two apples–the sum total of our crop this year–were a little early, they were also quite tasty. So thanks Little Buddy for picking them for us.

You may be asking yourself if dogs would really pick an apple off a low hanging branch. These dogs are obsessed. They love to Play Ball.

Let's Go

While I may receive limited help of the canine variety, I’ve lots of amazing helpers around here. I enjoyed the visit of My Own Personal Handyman as well as an an assistant. Papa Larry hung up the bird feeder, a new pegboard, some wall sconces, and updated the hose guard.

New Plants 2

While Baby Girl hung up book pendants and helped rearrange the kitchen alcoves.

Alcoves After

Probably my favorite project this month was the Little Bench. Papa Larry finished giving it a new coat of bright purple paint, while I whipped up a new box cushion and some pillows.

The Little Bench

I’m really quite pleased to see this cheery little guy when I turn that last bend in the driveway. It’s a punch of color that makes me smile. Our weather has started changing, but I’m hoping the outdoor fabric will hold up well when we move it to the covered portico this fall.

When I was looking for advice on the orchard’s ailments, I did a little end of season clearance shopping. Sometimes you can pick up great bargains in unexpected places. I bought this pillow for a steal at the garden store.

New Pillow

Sometimes Little Changes like a new pillows or a new bath mat add just that special touch.

I guess we did do a lot around here. I haven’t even talked about ziplining upside-down in Puerto Vallarta, getting the stomach flu in Seaside, celebrating Sweet Miss’ 19th birthday, and me and the MR’s 22nd wedding anniversary. Baby Girl made the varsity volleyball squad and spent 30+ hours practicing last week. The torrential downpour on Thursday created huge ruts in the driveway, and we enjoyed catching up with my aunt and uncle and some cousins this weekend.

It was a good month, but I’m ready for school to start on Tuesday.

How was your August?


3 thoughts on “August Is Over Already?

  1. I think you are so smart to not only write your blogs, but to capsize at the end of each month. I like having beginnings and ends and then moving ons as well, and you will have ‘proof-positive’ that the stories you tell to your grandchildren were indeed true.

  2. My August? Exhausting. All those green beans and the heat, then a cool snap, then hot again. Started a new project clearing the brush along the north fence… Baled 69 bales of hay (big bales). In all, It was a good month. Great post!

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