Garden Update 9.3.13–A Look Back

It was a long holiday weekend, and I took time off yesterday to go back to school shopping with the girls, so my weekly garden update is a day late.

Now, I know I’m one of those glass half empty kind of people. All summer long, I’ve been complaining about the rabbits eating my lettuce, the deer mowing down my fruit trees, the bugs infesting the orchard, and the bad dirt causing none of my seeds to grow. Well, over the weekend, the MR started a project that had me looking through some old photos. I was shocked, amazed, blown away by all the changes we’ve made. So this morning, I went out and took a few photos to show you just how far we’ve come.

This is Western Washington, and I should realize it can rain around here, but we’ve been totally spoiled this summer. Perhaps I should have done this yesterday when the weather was beautiful.

rain on table

We’re all been amazed at the amount of rain coming down, plus thunder lightning, and a little fog to add some excitement. That being said, my photos aren’t as crystal clear as I’d like, but I think you’ll get the gist.

Check out a few before and afters. Here’s the planting bed that lines the driveway.

Driveway B&A Collage

The candytuft and pyracantha were hidden by weeds and dead grass. I’d love for all the plants to fill in and to add a row of ornamentals to make a line between the wild and the planting bed.

And then there’s the showcase flowerbed as you drive up.

Flowerbed B&A Collage

The MR added some more dirt and grass seed this weekend. Maybe this fall, we’ll add a few bushes for more height and structure.

While we didn’t have an official orchard last year, the MR had transplanted a currant bush and some blueberries from the last house.

Orchard Collage

Now, that we have a fence up, the fruit trees have been fairing much better and the grapes are starting to turn. This area of the meadow is much easier to access than the strip of grass above the tennis court where the bushes were originally planted.

Last year, I did a little container gardening on the deck.

Garden last year

And I dreamed of putting in a real garden down by the tennis court.

Garden B&A Collage

While those expensive garden boxes haven’t yielded as many vegetables as I’d like and our orchard only produced two apples and a few handfuls of blueberries and currants, even I can see the huge changes we’ve made.

It’s only going to get better from here.

Making changes around your home? Surprised at the progress?

Here’s the obligatory first day of school photo.

Close Up of BG

Baby Girl is a junior in high school. It’s going to be a great year.


5 thoughts on “Garden Update 9.3.13–A Look Back

  1. It really is looking great, I’m so glad you have all of these pics so you can see the progress, even when you fill like you aren’t making any. This next year we hope to do some much needed maintenance on the siding of our home, I’m sure I will feel the same way.

  2. Hooray for pictures! Great update, great changes. What new thing is the MR doing? Beautiful photo of BG, she is so photogenic.

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