Opening Things Up

One of the things we like most about this house is the open and airy feel.

LR from left

So I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that the MR has been tearing out walls. Downstairs we have vaulted ceilings, but upstairs things are a little different.

You’ve seen the girls’ hangout room with it’s chalkboard wall, and vibrant use of color.

From the Side

In all honesty, it’s a room shared by a couple teenage girls and two dogs. It usually needs a lot of prepping to be presentable. Their bathroom is an even worse prospect. Think hair stuff and make-up plus a stacked washer and dryer in an old dingy bathroom. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t posted any photos of it besides the heated towel rack (here).

Now you may be thinking a washer and dryer for girls who love clothes would be a great combination. Unfortunately, the appliances didn’t work. So last weekend, the MR pulled them out.

Breaking it all up

Perhaps this gives you a better feel for how much space the washer and dryer took up.

Washer Dryer Closet

Of course, it was only after removing them that he realized they had been unplugged and probably could have been used for the last year and a half. It was too late now; the MR had a plan.

The bathroom already features a large floor-to-ceiling linen closet with tons of storage.

Linen closet

So the MR decided to remove the washer and dryer closet, add a new vanity with double sinks, replace the shower, redo the floors, fix the old molding, and give it all a new paint job. Of course all that doesn’t happen in one weekend if you’re doing it yourself.

So the first step was pulling out the appliances, and the second was removing the closet in which they were housed.

Bathroom Collage

We are all amazed at how much bigger this room feels now that the washer and dryer are gone. It seems lighter and airier even with gouges in the tile and vents sticking out of the wall. With so much natural light in the rest of the house, the lack of it in here was very noticeable.

I’m sure the MR has been doing some online shopping and that he’ll be busy this fall putting it all together.

A few years back over the Christmas holidays, the MR redid the girls’ bathroom at our old house.

Old Bathroom

I can guarantee you that it never looked this serene when the girls lived here (this was staged for when we were selling),but their beautiful bathroom is one thing they really missed from our old house.

Any remodeling going on at your home? 


10 thoughts on “Opening Things Up

  1. OOOOOHHHHEEEEE we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not amazed that he enjoys doing this labor, and happy that he is able to do it so beautifully. You ladies are so fortunate to have this man, our son, in your lives. Can’t wait to see the results. Mom and Dad aka MeeMee and Papa

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