Sit Up Straight

How many times when you were a kid did your mom tell you to sit up straight? Put your shoulders back.

That’s all well and good, but it’s totally impossible to sit up straight on a couch that looks like this.


The leather loveseats and chair the former owners left behind have been driving me crazy forever. It’s been a year now since I redid the armrests, but they still didn’t look the way I wanted. The furniture should look sleek–not saggy and lumpy.

The MR was telling me the other day how he wakes up early and works out complex coding problems. I on the other hand, obsess about floppy couches. Laying in bed it came to me, I could just turn the inner cushion upside-down. I was incredibly excited to give my plan a try, when I got up to find that the cushion isn’t rectangular. What was I thinking? Well since I was messing with the loveseat, I decided to check for a zipper to see if some extra padding was even feasible. That’s when I lifted up the cushion and low and behold I found foam leftover from the armrest project. Apparently, once upon a time, I thought a little extra foam behind the cushion would plump things up. I was wrong.

But with a length of foam about the size of a pool noodle in hand, I came up with another fabulous idea. I could simply stick the foam in the bottom of the cushion casing and give the loveseat the extra lift it needed.

Viola! It worked just like Victoria’s Secret for your furniture.

All Plumped Up

It’s still a 20-year-old loveseat someone else bought and left in their house for us to find, but I do believe it has a new lease on life. Add a cute little owl pillow, and all is good.

Add a pillow

But that’s not the end of it, they left another loveseat and an oversized chair all in the same saggy condition. With the other two pieces, I wasn’t as lucky as the first. No perfectly sized piece of foam was shoved in the bottom; but no worries, I still have plenty of pieces from the camping mats hiding out in the sewing room.

Cocoa & Foam

Then it was just a matter of marking it and cutting to size with an electric knife.

Marking the foam

Since this is all hidden in the leather cushion, it doesn’t really matter if a few Sharpie marks remain. The leather is really thick, so I didn’t worry about perfectly square corners either. Upholstery fabric might be less forgiving.

Once I had the piece I needed, I just unzipped the zipper along the back of the cushion and adjusted the foam and batting.


It’s a sunny day. Sorry for all the crazy shadows.

With a little plumping the chair and the other loveseat were looking sweet.

Here’s a few befores and afters.

Loveseat Collage

Chair Collage

And for old time sake, let’s take a look back to where this all started

. Sloppy Couch1

It’s hard to believe this is the same couch.

Add a pillow

Someday, we will get new furniture and the crazy green carpet will be a thing of the past, but for now at least I don’t have to lose sleep about sloppy couches. I just need to teach Cocoa not to chew on the pillows. She ate a wasp, a dragonfly, a kitchen sponge, a green scrubber, and chewed a hole in the corner of the yellow ikat pillow all before lunch yesterday. Maybe she’d be less destructive if I gave up housework and just played with her all day. On a sunny day like this, it might be time to play fetch.

Have any furniture around your house that needs some plumping up? How do you make do?


2 thoughts on “Sit Up Straight

  1. You are the type of creative person who makes ‘lemonade’ out of ‘lemons’. The couches look fantastic!!! and………………………it was FREE to update everything!!

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